Certificate in accounting


Hiya, I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether doing this certificate in accounting is worth it or not. It’s an open university course that takes a year to do (http://www3.open.ac.uk/courses/bin/p12.dll?C01iB680)

As I have no accounting experience whatsoever, I thought it might be good for me to do, and look good on my CV. But I also wondered if it’s well recognised, and whether it would be an advantage or a disadvantage to have it.



Ive had a look at it too. I think if you want to train in practice it’s not worth it. If you wanted to study CIMA or ACCA in industry I think it is worth it especially if you have a non-related degree. It could help you get in through the back door. That’s the advice I got from my uncle. Apparently it is almost unheard of to go straight from uni into a graduate training scheme. Most people start in non-grad jobs and apply from within. You can even get on a grad scheme without a degree! He also said accountancy firms seem to be the exception to the rule.