Hi guys,

Just wanted to know if anyone’s been through the telephone interview and assessment centres for the General Management program? If so, what was your experience like?


I know its a while back know for you, but can you remember any of the questions they asked you in the telephone interview?



Why Centrica?
Why the division?
What do you know about Centrica?
Give me an example of a time when you were part of a team?
Give me an example of a time when you showed leadership?
Give me an example of a time when you shared your experiences to benefit someone else?


Hi guys, I have a telephone interview for Centrica next week. I applied for the Information System stream. Anyone had an interview for that? Or any other program starting Sept 2011. Thanks


P.s how did your interview go, did you get an assessment centre date?



Just wanted to know if anyone’s been through the telephone interview and assessment centre for the (Electrical) Engineering program? If so, what kind of questions can one expect for the interview and what was your overall experience like?



I’ve got a telephone interview for the Information System summer program. Does anyone have any idea what sort of questions may be asked in regards to this?

i’ve never done a phone interview and as it is lasting quite long i need to gem up on phone skills, lol.

Any help or advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:



My phone interview questions (for Analyst grad scheme) were:

Motivation questions:

  • Why did you chose your subject and University?
  • Why Centrica?
  • Why this scheme?
  • What skills do you want to develop?

Competency questions:

  • When have you gone above and beyond your duty?
  • When have you had an idea to improve performance?
  • When have you learnt from an experience?

Hi is anyone attending the ac for Centrica on the 17th November in Windsor for the analyst stream? I attended the ac last year and they have removed the written exercise and replaced it with a role play exercise.


I was asked pretty much the same questions as bobcat. the whole interview lasted around 25 mins and it was split into three parts: motivation questions (why you chose your course and uni, why this particular scheme) and 3 competency questions (went beyond duty, improved performance, had to adapt), the third part is questions for the interviewer. the first few mins i was explained the whole structure of the interview and got asked some basic questions whether i require a visa etc. i was very surprised they didn’t ask why centrica or anything about their new wind farms…

@1989 how long did you wait for the results?



I’m considering applying for the HR Graduate Scheme, however, people are putting me off by suggesting that although Centrica only ask for 2:2, as competition is tough, my 2:1 degree in Law will not be good enough. I have also been advised that I’m actually quite late applying as its first come first serve basis. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this, as i was under the impression that the way you preformed during interview and assessment day played a bigger part, and I really did not think I was THAT late to apply but obviously the earlier the better.

Also, does any one know how many applicants actually apply and how many get the job?

I’ve just registered my interest online and went through some of the questions, although I appreciate that the competency based questions should be based on personal experience, I just wondered what sort of answers you gave and what has worked. The toughest question I’m finding is the one on dealing with difficult feedback.

Thanks in advance


Hi YellowDiamonds,

Don’t know if I’ll be of much help but I thought I could shed a bit of light on your questions. I did a summer internship with Centrica this summer and will be joining their Graduate Scheme next year. It’s definitely advisable to apply as early as possible but I’m confident it is by no means too late to apply :slight_smile: I know a few of the HR interns from this summer have gotten places on the HR graduate scheme for next year but there are still quite a few spaces available and I’m pretty sure they were holding interviews for the 2011 grad scheme as late as April/May of this year.

The competition is indeed tough and they receive quite a lot of applications. I’m not sure of exact figures but to give you a bit of perspective, they received over 3,000 applications for this year’s summer intake of 70 interns, not sure how the grad programme would differ though.

With regards to the competency questions, I think they have actually changed the core competencies this year. When I filled in my application, I drew upon experiences in work, academic and extracurricular activities. If you progress to the telephone interview stage, I think you will have to provide examples that are different from your online application examples so just something to keep in mind when you’re filling it in :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I’ll try to help as much as I can. LIke I said, my application process for the graduate scheme has been slightly different but I’ve been through the standard application process for the internship so might be able to help with some of your questions.

Good luck! Centrica’s a really great company to work for :slight_smile:


I agree - such a good company to work for! …I ended up getting the placement for finance over the summer and now going onto the grad scheme next September. Couldn’t recommend the company or their schemes enough.

I’m intrigued to know who you are above as I guess I know you! Congrats on getting the grad scheme anyway!

YellowDiamonds, please don’t go feeling a 2:1 Law degree is not good enough. Quite a few people on the placement were expecting 1st class degrees but at the same time I think most people were expecting 2:1s. Also these were degrees in a wide range of subjects, Law included. Anyway… they use your degree as a starting criterea but the process is much more about you as a person and whether you posses the competencies that will make you successful at Centrica.

Definitely apply asap - Centrica have jumped to 43rd from 80th in Times top 100 grad employers this year so the number of people applying is probably reflecting this (that’s just my thoughts anyway, no facts here!).


Woss03 and hihihi

Thank you both for your encouraging replies. They really were very helpful, congratulations to you both on getting a place on the scheme. I did apply in the end, I put a lot of time and effort into the application as I really wanted the position, however, I messed up at the last hurdle and completely ruined the numerical test, being timed out before even completing. A great shame, but I can only blame myself!!

Does anyone know if unsuccessful, I am able to receive any feedback at this stage of the application?




Can anyone please give me any suggestion about telephone interview for Centrica Graduate Scheme? What questions do they generally ask?


hey Guys,

i have centrica assessment centre coming up for information system 2013, i dont know what to expect… this is do or die situation for me… i am confident… but it will be more helpful if i can get little idea what goes on there in assessment centre… please help… thanks


Hi Ujjawal,

Congratulations on getting invited to assessment centre. Can you please tell me what you have been asked in the telephone interview?



Hi Ujjawal,

Congratulations on making it through to the Assessment Centre, you’ve done very well to make it this far in the process. Don’t be nervous about the AC, the assessors are not there to interrogate you, it’s really just a day for Centrica to learn more about you and for you to learn more about whether Centrica is the right company for you.

At the AC you will have a group exercise, interview and presentation. On rare occasions you may be asked to re-sit the online tests. The group exercise will present a real-life scenario and is used to assess how well you work with others and how you communicate your thoughts and ideas. Do try to contribute to the discussion but also avoid being too overbearing. Throughout the exercise, there will be assessors in the room with you but don’t let this throw you off.

In the interview you will speak to an employee most likely working in the field that you have applied to. This is a great opportunity for you to ask them questions about what a career at Centrica would entail. Try to think of examples that are different to the ones you gave in your telephone interview and also be sure to have examples prepared of how you’ve demonstrated Centrica’s leadership behaviours in your academic/professional endeavours. I would encourage you to research the company and be prepared to explain why you have chosen the stream that you’ve chosen - let your passion really shine through here!

The presentation will be done individually and you will be presenting to one of the assessors. Do be confident in your delivery and try to have some sort of structure to your presentation. Throughout the day there will be two graduates facilitating the events so do feel free to ask them any questions that you may be too nervous to ask the assessors.

For further advice, there are many blogs from current graduates on the careers website (many of which contain advice for the ACs and telephone interviews). Additionally, there is also a Facebook page where you can ask any questions you may have and a Twitter account at @CentricaGrads. If you’d like to speak to someone directly there are 13 graduates on Twitter that would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find them by searching for #CentricaGrads.

Best of luck!



@redwan_0- thank you for the wishes man, yeah centrica is a dream company to me, and thats what gives me motivation to be there… well telephone interview was not a surprise for me, since i did my prepration, they asked the same questions as mentioned here in discussion above, i also got the ideas and questions from here only.
it was in three different parts- Motivation, Competency, and Q&A.
In Motivation they asked me about my Uni, degree, why did i chose my degree, and what did i do except my degree in Uni, what society and extra curicular activities i was involve with and all sorts of Uni stuff… it was fun answering these questions because i was involve with many things and never actually got chance to talk about those stuff hahaha
Second was Competancy- Why centrica, why info system, when was the time you had to learn somethign very quickly and apply them, when u changed a process or provided input to any proces…any advice…
third was i asked some question to them about program and centrica (Remember it very important to ask good question )

Well over all the person on the other side was very very polite and friendly, it was more like a conversation then Q&A.
When do u have interview and what stream?