Centrica reserve list



I have successfully completed the AC for a position with Centrica but the positions got filled the day before my AC! so I was offered to be put on the reserve list. Been told that the previous year they’ve used up all their reserves so might have a good chance.

Can anyone comment? Is there anyone who’s been offered a position within Operations but changing their minds ;)?



what discipline did you apply for? monik_998


I’ve applied for the Customer Operations, thanks.


Hi there ‘smeagol’ :slight_smile:

You should be told whether they are recruiting for reserves. I was told before the assessment centre but I still attended for the experience and there is no harm on being on the reserve list. I am still waiting to get an update from them. Last year they said they’ve used up all of their reserves. If not, I think I will be the first to get offered a job for next year in Sept 2012, which is not bad at all.
I have applied for the graduate job, not sure if that was clear from my posts.

I had a great experience at the assessment centre. In one way, being told the positions are filled kinda took the pressure off so I was really relaxed, I didn’t feel that I had to try hard and just been myself really. Some of the other students were trying really hard and it was really obvious. For example, in one of our group tasks, one of the students was saying very obvious things he’s read on the internet on ‘Tips for assessment centres’ like making it very obvious that he’s including everyone in the group taks and taking the lead but he didn’t actually have any good ideas for the task itself, he was just like a parrot, repeating stuff he’s read of the internet! We were 6 in total at the assessment centre, they said they like to have small groups so they can see the talent! :smiley:

The best advice I can give you is to be yourself, if you really want the job because it suits you, they are going to notice that! I always say to myself ‘if I am not good enough for them, they are not good enough for me!’.
Other than that, just read up about the company on their website, have a look at a Datamonitor website and other Business related articles about them. I found that on the day I didn’t get asked anything about the company, but better to be prepared.

Prepare different examples for competency based questions than you told them previously.
Prepare your answers, I usually type them before the interview so it helps me think through the situation.
I took a notepad with me in the interview with a couple of notes which I told the interviewer about. An interview is not a memory test! Also, wrote down the key words of the question the interviewer asked so I could look at while answering. When you’re nervous it’s easy to just start waffling and to not answer the question they’ve asked at all!
If they ask you a question you haven’t thought about, just take a minute, write your STAR on your pad and think of the order you’re going to say the answer. I’ve even told the interviewer I had two examples and didn’t know which one is the best and she helped me to chose the most relevant one :).

Sorry, I need to get off as going to work, hope I’ve answered your questions but feel free to email me (monik_988@yahoo.com) if you have any other questions.
I would be happy to help.



Thank you so much for the above response, youre points are very useful!
I hadn’t really thought about how an interview is not a memory test before, I guess I am just so used to the whole exam process now. I think I’ll definitely take in a notepad now to help focus on questions better.

I’m wondering how long it took for them to contact you saying you’d passed after your assessment day?

Thanks again!


hey, no worries, glad I can help.
They rang me the next day/2 days after I think to tell me I was successful in the assessment centre and if I was ok to be put on the reserve list.




Hi, has anyone else been on Centrica’s reserve list and what was the outcome?