Hello everyone, I have a CENTRICA assessment day coming up on the 1st May. Has anyone been to a Centrica assessment day for general management or any other roles? Can anyone help me with the
“Written exercise” where I will be asked to complete a written response in the form of a report in a fictional situation. Has anyone tried something similar and if so, what was the task?




I have a Centrica assessment day coming up soon also but for mechanical engineering, how did you get on? do you have any tips? How was the written exercise? I hope it went well :smiley:

Nia x


Has anyone done a written exercise for centrica internship programme? if so, any adivce please.

Nb: soon as i have info Nia, I will put it up on here. thanks


Hi vicanay820, my assessment is on the 7th May so I would appreciate it if you can email me about ur assessment on the 7th. cheers.



Did you guys get the summer internship? I was accepted, might see you guys there?



hi all.

Ive been accepted and placed at brigg power station.
Does anyone else know where they are going to be?

Nia-i think i met you at the assessment day on the 8 may??



Hi Bill,

Yeah we did meet, I hope all is well with you? I will be in kings lynn, where is brigg power station?

Also do you know what the set up is for the induction on the 19th? Will it be all day do you think?

Congratulations on being accepted :smiley:



Hi. Congrats to you too!

Sorry for the delay in replying, had a bit of a disagreement with BT.

Brigg’s near scunthorpe. Bout 20 mile north of Lincoln. What are you going to be doing in Kings Lynn? Is there a power station there?

Don’t have a clue about the induction. I dont really know much about it all, apart from turn up at windsor on the 19th (I think) and then start on the 22nd. I would guess its prob a couple of hours. I imagine they could spend all day telling us info bout H&S and the ‘project’ we have to do. I’d put money on there being a session on ‘communication and teamworking’ and something about personal development.
Do you know when we find out about accomodation? I had an email saying they’d get in touch about the day but they still haven’t.



Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask about ur Centrica experinence? How was it for u guys?? would you recommend it to someone else??

also i wanted to know how the application process was? grilling?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sanna :slight_smile: