Anyone going?

anyone been before?

Sounds even harder than my last one and ive had limited time to prepare.


I am also going to the aseesment center on the 08th of April and also for Markerting, hope to see u there… how are you preparing for the assessment centre…


Hi there, where are you travelling from? are you going up on wednesday and staying over night in the hotel?


Yes I have booked a hotel in Windsor and I will be travelling and staying there over night… I will see you for the assessment centre and hope that it goes on well… Is your real name also Nick???


Yes it is! Its kind of short notice that they only sorted the hotel today and I have been really busy, I need to plan my routes… are you not in the Beaumont then?


Anyone who attended Telephonic interview for Graduate Marketing at Centrica.
Can you please help me know how to prepare
Please do let me know the questions that you were asked at the interview…