Centrica application



i am applying for graduate schemem for centrica! has anyone done it and any tips for the application questions?



i am afraid you are in a wrong forum.


Why is that? its a forum for accountancy help with application?


These the questions any ideas about how to answer them?

Additional Info
Three key questions
In answering the questions below, please draw upon recent examples from your work experience, your degree course or leisure activities. In order for us to get the best quality information, we ask that you follow the format outlined.
Start with a brief description of the Situation or Task which provides the background or context.
Next, describe the Actions you took to deal with the situation or task.
Finally, describe the Results of your Actions. Results tell us what changes or differences your actions made.
Please limit your responses to a word count of 300 words per question.

Please describe any formal/informal leadership positions that you have held including details of how you may have mobilised support, had a positive impact on others or brought out the best in a team member. (300 words)*
1.It is Important that any Graduate Learns From Experience and Shares Knowledge. This includes supporting others, learning from experience and seeking feedback.
Tell us about an experience and feedback, which you feel significantly impacted on your development.
Situation – What was that experience and feedback? *
Task - How did you respond to the situation or feedback? Who did you go to for support?*
Result – What was the outcome, What did you learn? Has anyone else benefited from your learning?

2.Managing Relationships is Key to Success in our Organisation. You will need to support your colleagues, collaborate with your peers and ensure you communicate clearly with others.
Give us an example of when you have worked successfully as part of a team or in a partnership. In your example explain clearly the relationships and interactions that took place.
Situation – What goal were you working together to achieve? *
Task - How did you support and help others in achieving this goal?*
Result - What did you bring to the team?*

3.The environment at Centrica is evolving and the ability to Adapt to Change is crucial. You will need to support change initiatives, understand the impact of change on people and on processes.
Describe for us a time of complex change when you were expected to take on new tasks and responsibilities.
Situation - How did this change come about? Why was this change necessary? *
Task - How did you adapt to your new responsibilities?*
Result - What would you do differently next time?*

Thank you


hi garf_786

i am currently doing the same application. i wanted to ask yourself how you’ve answered the question relating to managing relationships. any tips would help


hi garf_786

i am currently doing the same application. i wanted to ask yourself how you’ve answered the question relating to managing relationships. any tips would help


Hi Murtiza

I did the application and am going for my telephone interview soon. I just thought I could give u a tip for the application if needed.

When answering the questions, make sure the examples you use are specific i.e. if they talk about a time when you adapted to responsibilities etc try to only refer to one particular time and then discuss it well (how it affected you, how it affected others, how you helped others from your experience, how you developed etc)

The reason I say this is that when I answered them I refered to a few examples and from what I understand you cannot refer to examples from the app in the interview. This limits my choices and I am not able to prepare my best examples because I referred to them (slightly) in the app

Just thought that might help. Best of luck with the app if you haven’t done it… they are pain staking!!



I have a phone interview at British Gas in 3 days for a customer advisor role… I have been told it lasts 45 minutes. :frowning:

Can anyone tell me what sort of questions they may ask??

Thank You


Please has anyone done the Centrica phone interview for general management summer internship. What sort of questions am i suppose to prepare for?