Centrica 2016 intake



Hi Celine! Thanks for sharing your AC experience. I have mine on Tuesday which I am slightly nervous for but I am very glad that you felt relaxed and fingers crossed that you get it! :slight_smile:


Hey guys I had my AC for the IS stream yesterday and it was very similar to what celine outlined below. The day was extremely relaxed and it was definitely a positive experience so if you have an AC coming up soon do not panic! Just make sure you do some research and prepare as much as you can for the presentation :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!


I’m glad it was very relaxing for you! I have a telephone interview but I feel more relaxed now. For your telephone interview, did you have any questions different form Celine?


The telephone interview was one of the best ones I’ve had! The interviewer was so kind and lovely she put me at ease :slight_smile: The questions were all essentially the same except I had a couple additional follow up questions but they shouldn’t throw you off. Good luck!


Anyone here applied for engineering summer placement? If so have you found out if you would be attending the AC on the 19th of april?


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Hey so I had my telephone interview today for the Business Leadership Program and I thought I would update on the 2017 process. The interview is supposed to last 20 minutes to half an hour, mine lasted about 25 minutes in total. The interviewer asked me a bunch of questions about my availability for an assessment centre and the right to work in the UK, standard stuff and then she mentioned that at the end of the interview she would score my answers and tell me right there and then if I’m through to the assessment centre. The questions were: What unique opportunities do you think the scheme can offer you? What do you think we look for in our graduates? (look at values and business leadership behaviours), What are the challenges Centrica faces? What would you do about these challenges? What skills do you think are important for the scheme? What skills can you bring to the programme? Why this scheme?
The best thing that you can do is read up on Centrica, and it’s position in the news and any business its done, and read up on the industry in general, gaining an idea of Ofgem and legislation. You don’t need to know it in detail just a general idea is okay. Have a few points for each answer, because some questions get repeated. Even after I answered the questions, the interviewer would ask things like “What other challenges does Centrica face?” and after I mentioned falling share prices she asked “Why do you think share prices are falling?”. So my advice here is to really do your research about Centrica and the industry. After the interview was over she put me on hold whilst she scored my answers and calculated my results. After a few minutes she told me that I was through to the assessment centre next week in Leeds. If anyone’s got any assessment centre advice, let me know & good luck!