Centrica 2016 intake



I didn’t find so much information about the telephone interview when I was doing my preparation, so I just thought I could create one to share my experience. I have just finished my telephone interview the day before yesterday.

The questions I got are

What do you know about Centrica?
Why Centrica?
Why this specific stream you choose to apply for?

Communication: A time you influenced someone

A time you actively seek to learn something that is not within your course content

Relationship: A time you build a formal relationship with someone you didn’t know before?

What is your learning style?
A time when I demonstrate my learning style

I think those are the questions I got on that day, they also asked me whether I’m during the process of applying for other companies? and am I still interested in Centrica? and whether I’m available on the date of their next arranged assessment centre. I haven’t got my result yet, but they told me it would be within 5 working days, so finger crossed.

PS: for the examples, they told me I can use any example during my life, so relax, because I saw someone applied for them before said we cannot use examples we used in our application form, I guess they just changed it. Good luck, everyone.


Hi thanks for posting this!! I have my interview in a few days so this is extremely helpful :slight_smile: What scheme have you applied for?


HR, you?


Ah cool! Have you heard back from them yet? I applied for information systems. I just had my interview and the questions were all pretty much the same as yours so thank you so much :slight_smile:


That’s great! So how was your telephone interview? I’ve just heard back from them, confirming with a place in their assessment centre


I think it went fairly good… The lady interviewing me was so nice and it was a good experience so fingers crossed! Also congrats on making the AC stage! Do you have much time to prepare? Best of luck with it :slight_smile:


yes, I think their HR staffs are really nice! I got about 2 weeks to prepare for it, so hope the time is enough for me to prepare myself to go through it, and do keep me updated with your application process :slight_smile:


Ah you have a good amount of time to prepare :slight_smile: I just found out I passed my telephone interview and now waiting to hear if I have been shortlisted. When you found out you passed did your AC invite come later? Thanks!


That’s great! I think I waited for about one week after passing my telephone interview and they invited me the the AC, did they tell you the date of the next arranged AC on the telephone?


They told me it’s on the 15th so I probably need to wait a week or two. Do you know much information about the AC? I have never attended one before so a little nervous if I get invited :stuck_out_tongue:


No, this is my first time as well :slight_smile: good luck!


Has anyone applied to the commercial marketing internship? If so have you heard anything back yet?


Hi, I got my reply within 72 hours after i applied 2 weeks ago! I’m actually doing the telephone interview tomorrow afternoon!


Have an AC next week for the finance internship. Has anyone had an assessment centre this year and could share their experience?


How long was it from your telephone interview to when you found out you had passed it and had an AC?


I found I passed it two days after I had the interview, and being invited to AC one week after that


Hope it went well! Have you heard anything back from the telephone interview?


It went alright! I got an email saying I passed the interview and moved on to the “Shortlisting” process which I have no clue about.


Same! They said I had passed but then that it would be reevaluated as to whether I would get an AC.


I had my AC for HR this week and it basically has three parts, group discussion, interview and presentation.
Firstly, there is an ice breaker, to help you to relax.
Group discussion, it is a general topic, and you need to come up a detailed plan with your group mates, and I have to say the whole process is quiet relax, so just be yourself.
Interview- all the questions are based on the personality questionnaire you did at the start of the application, I think I got 4-5 questions there and the interviewers are really approachable, I also have group mates who got 2 interviewers, so it really depends, prepare to have 1-3 interviewers.
Presentations- for HR scheme, we got the presentation topic 1 week before the AC, so we did our researches before we came to the AC. And then, on that day, we got 30 min to prepare for our Flipchart and script. Then we had a presentation for 15 min and 15 min of Q&A.

On that day, we also got recent graduates from HR scheme, I have to say the whole environment Centrica created are so enjoyable, and I think I really did my best in such kind of environment. I’m still waiting for the call from them, hope I can get through.

Good luck to your guys.