Centrica 2014


Has anyonehad a telephoen interview for Centrica for the 2014 intake?


hey banking1, you’ve probably had it already now, but I had mine today… have you heard back yet?


I got through the phone int, does anyone know when the AC is?



I have the telephone interview today for 2014 intake.

any advice would be great




I am yet to have mine, do you have any helpful advice?



I have my telephone interview on Monday, has anyone had theirs yet?

Thank you



It was fairly standard - have detailed competency examples for teamwork, leadership etc etc

Know why you want to work there and not anywhere else, and know why you want the particular role etc

The interviewer was really friendly, just relax and you’ll be fine


Yeah pretty standard, but they also asked what areas of Centrica’s business impress you the most and why this important to you…

Ive also passed the interview, just waiting to hear from them when an AC will be


Hi sennapole and t5109

Just about the interview, did they mention anything about using different examples to the ones on the application form?




Any updated question list for graduate scheme?


Hi everyone, can anyone provide specific examples of the questions asked?
It would be so helpful for anyone reading this thread. Cheers


Hi everyone.

I have recently been to the Graduate assessment centre for HR 2014 intake. It was only a few days ago so I am yet to hear back but I thought I would share my experience as I felt that there was very little info online regarding this year’s intake.


  1. Motivation/ Centrica Questions - I was asked What do you know about Centrica? Why Centrica? Why the stream I had chosen?

2.Competencies - The majority of the interview was competency based. I was asked 3 questions, however they often asked me more sub-questions within each one. The first question they asked was An example of successful teamwork, the second was a time when I showed confidence and leadership and the third was a personal success.

The lady I spoke to was lovely and they even offer hints at times as to where they hope your answer to go. My best advice would be learn their competencies well and really take your time when answering. If you just waffle you’ll get no where!


The day was far more fun than I expected, considering how nervous I was (it was my first ever assessment centre!)
The first thing we did was have ice breakers even with the assessors. This helped relax everyone and made you realise that the assessors were actually human!
We then went into group work which was 25 minutes and then a group presentation to the assessors. This was quite straight forward, they gave you a brief. Keep on top of time and make sure you listen to others ideas.

We then did individual presentations. We had 1 hour to prep, 15 mins to present and 15 mins for Q & A with the assessor. You presented 1-to-1 with the assessor. It was quite relaxed, questions weren’t too hard and they give you a big enough brief to get enough info from.

Finally was the interview. This was far more relaxed than I anticipated. Lasted around 30-40 mins. The questions they ask are based on the personality test that you complete during your application therefore everybody was asked completely different questions. Mine were focused around team work, what I like about Centrica, and a situation question asking what I’d do if… this related directly to HR (and therefore will probably be specific to the scheme you apply for). Try and engage with the interviewer, even just asking how they got into the job role they’re in, have they worked with grads int heir day-to-day work etc. this really helps you relax whilst showing the interviewer that you’re talkative/enthusiastic to learn as much about the role as possible.

I really loved the environment that was created, really lovely people including the assessors to the graduates whom are there all day to help with procedures. Fingers crossed I’ll get good news!

Good Luck!


Thanks fayr23 for the summary…very well done, best wishes with the outcome.


Hi all,

I was told that I have passed the phone interview and will be contacted for assessment day. Does anyone know the time lines between the interview and AC?
I am a bit worried that the positions might have been already filled.


It was about 4 weeks for me!


Thanks! :slight_smile: how early did they notify you of the exact date for AC?


@fayr23 can you provide a similar summary on your telephone interview ?


My interview questions were very similar to the ones that fayr23 has mentioned. Motivational questions (why firm and the stream) and 2 competency based questions:
-example of contribution to the success of a team
-example of delivering a task successfully
I only had two competency questions (maybe because my answers were too long!).
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks fayr23 and amg for sharing your experiences. They are very useful. Did they mention that you can’t use the same examples as the ones you used in your application form?

I still need to complete the online tests. Could anyone give me any tips and an indication of the number of questions and time limit for both verbal and numerical?


Online tests are from a company called Criterian Partnership.