Centrica 2013


Just had my telephone interview today for the analyst scheme and wanted to share it with you. it is divided into three parts thats is background-motivation, behavioural based competencies and any questions you would like to know based on recruitments. I was asked:
-Why the degree and the university and how you chose it
-Reasons for the Analyst scheme and what you hope to gain from it
-Other places I have applied and where
-Why Centrica
2. Behavioural competencies
-situation where you went above and beyond of what was required of you to achieve an objective
-example of a situation where you had to adapt and do something new
-example of when you have improved a way of doing something
3-Is if you have any questions and you can only ask with regards to recruitment and you can save questions you have regarding Centrica as a business for the assessment centre if you are succesful.
remember: they mark you down if you use examples from your application and they will tell you that at the beginning of the interview.
they will also ask questions regarding your right to work on the UK and criminal check questions.
All the best and prepare well.


Many thanks for your information Banking1!!

I just had my telephone interview in this morning, how long did it take for centrica to get back to you about the result? I am a bit nervous as the hr asked me if i would be available to attend the assessment center, it felt like I passed. She told me she needed to check the personality index with my answers, would get back to me within 5 days. But i havent received any emails from her. So nervous!!


within 5 working days they replied!!


Is anyone have attended the Assessment Center recently (in past few months)?



Can anyone reflect upon their AC experience for 2013 intake (preferably). What the stages, any tips. Thanks