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Just had a phone call from Celsius Recruitment just hours after putting my CV up on totaljobs.co.uk after applying to a job totally unrelated to this company. Googled them quickly and couldn’t find any reviews or information not posted by themselves.

Just wondering if anybody has heard or had any experience of them, and whether they’re legit?


Yep they’re a pretty well known company. They specialise in placing graduates interested in working in sales in companies recruiting graduate level sales people. I think they offer some training too. I think they’ve advertised on WikiJob in the past. I saw one of their adverts and applied and was put through their assessments.


Celsius are real but i had a mixed experience so thought id post a review as it might help others and i read the review on this site beforehand.

Firstly, they seem to have alot of great jobs. Dont be fooled though, if you do apply for one that they are advertising have you arent really applying for it, they will vet you first at a training day and after that may not decide you are worthy of what you originally applied for.

I went to the recruitment day and just about scraped through (I know this because they told me, and frankly i was on poor form most of the day so i believe them). After I requested an interview with the job(s) i had applied for online but my personal recruiter (who was really nice btw) told me that i couldnt go for any of these positions.

I said on relevant forms i was looking fr no less than 18k, which i believe is fair for a graduate with a few years full-time work experience. They sent me to a 13k job. After finding this out at the interview i didnt take that particular company any further (Granted i should have asked more questions about the salary beforehand, but it was a waste of time and money).

After this i was given another interview with another company for which i wasnt succesful with (No complaints with this one, just wasnt to be). After this is was basically told they wouldnt source any more jobs for me but i could always call them and ask them for interviews. I basically was offered an interview at one employer with the requirements i asked for and then was cut loose.

Despite this negative, i really cant complain about the training that i was offered on the assesment day. It was REALLY helpful and i would recommend people go to the assesment day even for just this alone (if you make it past the first ‘cut’). I don’t think i would have got a job without this and i believe it gave me a massive edge over other who hadnt had such coaching.

If you do want to use them to get a job MAKE SURE THEY BELIEVE IN YOU. They are in it to make money from you and will use you as such. I have just started a job with the UK’s 2nd best graduate recruiter and on 24k a year (To prove im not just a whinger) but if they dont need to see what they want/need/expect to see you need to be very careful with the relationship you have with them.

Good luck!


Have to agree totally with the previous comment.

They contacted me after I uploaded my CV to graduate-jobs.co.uk and invited me to an assessment day which was taking place the very next day. Pleased that someone had seen something they liked on my CV, it soon became clear that really they were just trying to fill a job quickly. I was also told on the day that I’d only just scraped through the vetting process because of my ability to speak German and they were looking for a German speaker immediately.

Again mirroring the post above, I will say that the training I received from them about interview techniques was great and definitely has helped improve my confidence going in to interviews, so go along to an assessment day just for that if you can.

However, realise that they are not in it to find you your ideal graduate job but to fill a vacancy quickly and make commission by placing you. After making it through a couple of rounds of phone interviews for a position, they cut me loose the moment things didn’t work out at the final interview.


Celsuis are the biggest pile of trash ever


Rob - you have made another spelling mistake.


I didn’t realise Celsius view this forum, must have great career prospects


Hi, I am the Operations Director for Celsius. In response to a couple of the points above

  1. Rob, we arranged an interview for you with one of our clients. As you are aware you were unsuccessful. Since then you have taken every opportunity to denegrate our business. This has including calling my staff ‘bimbos’. May i respectfully request that you move on with your career. Good luck.
  2. Jan, you say that we ‘cut you loose’ when things didn’t work out. Here is the email you sent to my colleague;

I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to attend the session tomorrow morning and would like to withdraw my application for the position.
Unfortunately having had so much to do over the past week I’ve had no time at all to prepare a presentation. Further to that, though, after having had a good conversation with Alex last week I’ve realised that the realities of a sales job, as well as a June start, just aren’t something that I can commit to, which means I’ll also be withdrawing from the Celsius scheme.

Again, I apologise for the lateness of my email but I had to make sure for myself that this was the right decision.

Kind regards,


How you have now changed that version of events is beyond me?

To everyone, we meet over 5,000 graduates every year, please ask any member of my team if you can view their LinkedIn reccomendations and i am sure that you will feel reassured and confident in our abilities. We look forward to working with you. Stephen


Stephen, I would beg to differ with your version of events. I uploaded my cv and was contacted by one of your colleagues. I was told there was 3/4 vacancies in my area. I then passed the assessment day. After this I was told which job you would be sending me to (NO OPTION). After i was unsuccessful I was then told No other jobs (any where) would be suitable for me. I then sent a polite email to your colleague asking why, to which I didn’t even receive a response from.

So please explain why you cut people off after they don’t get a job, surely your job is send them to more than one?


I would also like to add you haven’t even filed the position as is it still posted online.
Any graduates reading this, I would strongly advise to go to Pareto instead.

They got me a job in 2 weeks :slight_smile:


One of the worst recruitment agencies I’ve ever had to deal with. They were the first one I had been approached by and after my experience I refused to field any calls from other recruiters. I later decided to give it a try again and have had only good experiences since.

A warning for candidates: they make you sign a document that doesn’t let you go for other third party interviews while they’re sending you on their own - WHO DOES THAT?! Really, one of the WORST recruitment companies - there are so many other good recruiters out there, there’s no point in even getting involved with Celcius.