Catlin strengths based interview help!



I have a telephone interview with Catlin coming up and i am in desperate need of some insight as to what the interview will entail. This is a different kind of interview i have ever done which is a strengths based interview. I have always done a competency based interview and would like some insight and if possible some kind of questions asked to candidates who have already been interview. This will be really helpful! Thank you in advance. Hoping to get some feedback :slight_smile: x


Hi, I hope your interview went well! I have a strengths based interview tomorrow, but I have never done one either. What kind of questions were you asked? Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance! x


I have submitted my application form about 15 days ago, still receiving no response. Any ideas why it takes so long or does it mean a rejection?


Hey guys,

I’ve got the strengths based interview due next week and would be really grateful if you guys could share any of the questions/advice/tips please?

Really appreciate it.