Catlin Interview Process


Anybody else been called for interview at Catlin? Also, has anyone been given a timeframe - the closing date for applications isn’t until 27 February


Hi, yes, I have a telephone interview scheduled for early March for their Actuarial recruitment. Anyone else had this yet?


Do you know how many people they’re recruiting?


Dreamer994, I have a telephone Interview around that time too. Any help would be really useful !!!



I think it varies by vacancy type - they are recruiting for Finance, Claims, Underwriting, Actuarial and Catastrophe Aggregate Management. Anyone know any details?


How did everyone’s telephone interview go? I have mine in a couple of days, any help on questions asked, especially tricky ones would be much appreciated!


BTW I was told recruitment is 12 in each department?


Haven’t been able to get confirmation on numbers but it appears that there are four days of assesment centres next week. Anyone been called?


Anyone going for an A/C this week? Any fedback or advice really appreciated!


That really surprises me! I was offered after a/c (didn’t accept as I chose an alternative offer) but found them really professional and helpful. The strategy of asking you the same questions is probably to test how robust your evidence is. If you don’t have more than one example for each question on a competency based question then you demonstrating a lack of experience surely?


Well done on the offer!

I don’t think I showed lack of experience, I think the HR dept showed a lack of efficiency. I referred to the assessment day and she actually got offended and deemed it inappropriate! Clearly we had polar opposite experiences in terms of telephone interviews, but from what I’ve heard off people your good experience was rare. What company did you end up going with in the end?


Catlin has outsourced the early stages of their recruitment process to Milkround this year (don’t know if they did the same last time), so you would have spoken to an independent HR bod, not one of Catlin’s.

I also had (and failled) a tele interview for them this week. I realise this will come across as sour grapes, but I’m not really sure whether these competency questions really help select the best candidate. The lady I spoke to made the point of asking for different scenarios than I’d written on the form (admittedly for different competencies) - which meant I had to fall back to examples that were perhaps less relevent than they should have been.

I guess a bit more preparation would have helped me, but there was no indication that they’d be asking more competency q’s. I can’t help but feel that doing these over the phone only really selects the candidates best at bullshitting in pressurised situations. Hell, maybe that’s what Catlin are looking for. Bit annoyed though as I thought my skillset matched their published req’s for the position quite well, and I didn’t get the chance to demonstrate this.

Rant over. Back to the applications :slight_smile:


LondonGraduate, out of interest, which stream did you get accepted for?



My sentiment EXACTLY!! Thanks for summing it up for me :slight_smile:


So were the questions exactly the same as the application form, word for word? that seems a bit strange.

Also, did they ask you to explain something technical assuming they have no prior knowledge? This question always catches me out as I don’t know the level of complexity the subject matter they are expecting me to explain should be.
In this situation what should I choose?
BSE? Standard deviation? Calculating the mean? call/put option?

Even if they don’t ask this someone give me a good one please since its bound to come up sooner or latter!


It was the same as the application form, for me anyway. More of your typical HR questions - they do like to make their department seem important!

They asked me no technical questions, purely “can you give me a time when…”, and she never listened when I spoke, interjecting with “mhmm, yes, I see” at random times…at least I think she was - her keyboard sounded like a derailed train :slight_smile:

Good luck…I hear it’s a fantastic company to work for and their history is very interesting…just getting passed the typical HR BS is the hard part!


Hi people, was wondering if anyone had a telephone interview with Catlin recently? were the questions really the same as the application form? any technical questions? I’m applying for underwriting, the company seems really good


Hello everyone, Ive got a telephone interview with Catlin for there Underwriting programme and I would be very grateful if peopl can clarify what type of questions I can expect?


tano, its basically questions taken from your application form, has anyone been to next stage of the process? anyone know what they ask and what the tasks are? any help would be appreciated please


donell251088 , next stage is assessment centre. It consists of group excercise, interview, written excercise and role play.

Interview will be with someone in the department you applied. General competancy based.

Group exercise is with 8 people with 6 assessors sitting in the room. Its about some colleagues from foreign country and you as a group preparing some activities for them. Lots to read and a few calculation e.g hotel costs etc.

Written excercise is wrting a letter given some information they provide.

Role play is with a senior face to face. You are a manager of a construction site and must talk to a senior worker about their performance.

Generally, I found the tasks fairly tight for time.

Anyways, hope that helps.