Catlin graduate scheme



hello everyone, I have submitted my application form about 20 days ago and still have not heard anything back yet. Is it normal or does it mean a rejection straight away. I will high appreciate your response.


I submitted mine over 2 months ago and still havent heard from them so I’m presuming they review them all at the same time and then decide.
Still trying to stay optimistic though.


hello, which programme have you applied for? I have applied for the actuarial scheme.


I have applied a few months ago, and I was rejected, so I am guessing they are still considering you.


I applied for underwriting. I emailed them and the next day they replied with my rejection the next day. Oh well. Good luck to anybody that got through :slight_smile:


I am very sorry to hear that :(, thank you very much for your response anyway :slight_smile:


sorry to hear that :(…i wrote them an email as well, but they asked to wait until december and they will contact me by then. Not sure what that means though…