Caterpliiar Graduates - Purchasing 2011



Has anyone else applied to Caterpillar’s Purchasing Graduate programme and have you already had a telephone interview?

I’ve got mine booked for next Wednesday; a 20/25 minute competency based telephone interview on the following areas:

  • Planning and organisation
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Initiative

Thoughts/ experiences would be appreciated!

Cheers, J


I am yet to hear from them after the email that someone will get in touch with me soon regarding my telephonic interview.

I heard that, this is their typical first stage of selection process. btw, did they ask you to prepare examples? if so, how many? and any other specifics?

Good luck



Hi nfs63

Sorry I’ve been pretty busy the last few days. Yeah the girl over the phone said that I needed provide specific examples from work, university etc of the above area’s. A friend of mine works for a company which carries out these telephone interviews (Jaguar, Centrica, National Grid), it appears that the bigger companies contract the work out; he said that it is very much a points based system, say the wright stuff get the points!

I will update with my experience after Wednesday.

Good Luck




Good luck and I’d be looking forward to hear from you.



Any chance of getting the list Of those questions and especially the point based system criteria to answer those questions.

Good luck again for your interview.




Right I have just finished my telephone interview so I thought that I’d update now seen as the event is fresh in my mind.

The interview was pretty much as I expected, the interviewer started off with a couple of questions about the programme and what exactly drew you to your chosen discipline. Be quite specific here.

He then moved straight onto the competency based questions, asking me to use examples from university, work and any extracurricular experiences If I felt they were relevant. I had to provide examples of the following:

  • Planning and organisation
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Initiative

Use the STAR approach, (the interviewer basically told me to do this!) he was particularly interested in my actions (specifics important) and the end result.

This was my first ever telephone interview so fingers crossed, I should hear within 2 days!



Cool… Looks like you’ve done great job at that interview and thank you for updating me.

Did he told you what would b the next stage?


When does caterpillar normally have their assessment centres ?


Well I was managed to pass the interview, very quick turn around, I had an email the same day!

Umer: No idea, looking at prospects its some time in Feb/ March.

NFS63: Online numerical and verbal reasoning.



I am done the numerical and verbal reasoning test… I am waiting for assessment centre call. I somebody gets any news regarding assessment centres please let me know. What are the exercises conducted at their assessment centre.


Thanks Jared uk



How were the tests fairly standard? or were there any particulars?



standard shl


Hello guys,

Anyone heard about dates for assessment centre yet? and did anyone here apply for the finance graduate role?


Hi All,

I am megga chuffed, got a call today offering me the Job… I took it.

Who else out there got an offer and accepted?



hey jared congrats. u got a job with caterpillar?
when did your assessment centre hold?
they told me i was gonna be contacted concerning assessment centre but never heard back from them.
how did ur assessment centre go and when was it?



Yeah I’m just waiting for the paper work to come through in the next couple of days. I had the assessment centre on Monday.

Here’s an update for those of you who have not yet had their own…

Day Schedule:

Presentation: Welcome to Cat, this is the company, this is where we are going, the job. very informative.

Group Task: Split into teams of 5. You have a bag of Lego bricks and you need to build an arch big enough one person (two total) to fit under. I really enjoyed this task, great for group dynamics. I can only advise that you get stuck in as much as possible!

Presentation Prep: 2 hours on a topic of the day i.e. purchasing/ supply chain based.

Interview: 45 mins, competency/ biblio.

Presentation: 5 minutes with a Q & A session after.

Site Tour: What a place!

Good Luck.


Congrats dude.

happy for u



I had a few queries…

Did they give you the topic for presentation or you choose it? and was it an individual task or a group task?
when did ur day start and end? I have a long way to travel, so wanted to plan my journey accordingly.


I’ve too applied for a finance graduate role? when is your assessment day?