Caterpillar Graduate Scheme 2018



Hello all, hope you all are doing great! I created this topic in order to gauge the progress of the applications after the assessment centre. Guess my question is has anyone had a response with regards to the Supply Chain and Management position?


I have just been invited for an assessment centre. What was your like?


Hey, I have just been invited to an assessment centre as well (This Friday). Which programme did you apply to ? I applied for finance


Hey, I’ve applied for Finance as well. Just received the confirmation email from HR. Wasn’t expecting technical questions during the interview but I guess it varies from company to company.


Hey! Ok…Did you have an interview before you got invited to the AC ? If yes and if you don’t mind what questions were you asked at the interview ? I did not do an interview. I filled their application form then received a call today inviting me straight to the AC this Friday. Maybe we can help each other with some tips that will be useful for that day!


Hey I got invited the same way as you. So I haven’t got a clue what the questions might be