Cass Msc Induction Programme


Hi All,

Can anyone provide a breakdown of what actually went on during the 2009 induction programme?

From my initial understanding the programme is two weeks in duration with one week comprising of CV, Cover Letter, Interview preperation workshops and the second week involves a careers fair with the abiltiy for students to chat/network with recruiters.

Alos there is a refresher course in maths/Stats and electronic jounrnal training. Does anyone jnow if this is done online or is there classroom learning involved

Ideally I would like to get an idea and breakdown of what was involved in week one and what was alos involved in week two prior to Term 1 commencing.

Would be great to get a student insight into what the induction period was like.

At present I can’t get access to the induction website and I would like to know an exact breakdown of events etc.

If someone could post up what went on during the most recent 2009 induction period I would greatly appreciate it.

Is there any events organised on the penultimate or final day of induction or are have all organised events taken place and it’s just informal drinks meetings with class etc going on then.

Would appreciate some insight from students on this.



I haven’t actually been to the Cass induction programme but I have been to the induction programs with Manchester and also have friends who have completed other induction programs. In terms of preparation I think it is helpful to have an up to date CV and a clear idea of the types of things that you would want help from in terms of your long term career. These induction programs tend to include workshops on how to prepare your applications for example your CV, cover letter and how to deal with application forms as well as workshops on how to deal with the various different stages of the interview process including team work exercises etc.
Some give you the opportunity to speak directly with recruiters which is obviously a great chance to practice what you’ve learnt out but any opportunities for mock interviews etc should be grabbed with both hands.
Enjoy and try not to worry too much!