Case Study / Interview


I’ve got a case study interview coming up, just wondering if anyone could shed more light on what to expect?

I’ve tried reading the case study section on the site, but still not sure what it will involve.

I’ve been told it will be a case study based on liesure industry, and a meeting with the partner of the office, so am I right in assuming I’ll get there, be given information to base recommendations on, then have to say what I recommend to the partner?

Cheers for any help


No one? :frowning:


Much of the info is in [[case study]] and [[case study questions]] - also look at the “Case Study” section of interview profiles for different companies to find examples of different case stud questions that are used.

You will be given a lot of information and asked to prepare an answer for a specific question. You will then have to deliver this answer to a partner, who will ask you further questions on this. Don’t worry about it too much, it will be straight-forward and you will almost certainly not need prior knowledge on the topic.



The email said I should spend no more than 2/3 hours researching the liesure/health club industry, but tbh I have no idea what I should be researching!
So should I just get some competency q answers ready and all the info I’ll need for the case study will be given?