Carillion final interview help please!


Hi Everyone,

I have a final interview at Carillion coming up in a couple of days. I was just wondering if anyone had had one before and could give me any information or advice?

There is group interview, presentation and a one on one interview as well. Any information about the type of questions they ask or what we are required to do in the group session would be much appreciated.



Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank You


Hi Sam.

I’ve also been shortlisted for the Numerical and Verbal reasoning test. (Shl)

Would appreciate any suggestions and help.

Thanks and good luck for your next round.



hey, i’ve got the final interview also, what office is yours’ with ? ?


& job role ?


Ditto ion the Numerical and Verbal reasoning test. any help would be good!


Seen the pages [[numerical reasoning]] and [[verbal reasoning]]?


How did it go? What did they ask? Did you get the job?