Cargill commercial management trainee


Good morning to everybody, I am here to ask you some questions about Cargill’s “Commercial Management Trainee” recruitment process.

I recently applied for an open position in this program with an on-line query form on their website. After some minutes Cargill recruitment e-mailed me a link to complete a personality assessment.

#1: Do they call you back after the personality assessment even if you are not the chosen candidate, or do they follow a “no-contact” policy?
#2: If they have decided to call you back, how long does it take them to do it?

Thank you for your attention.


Hey Riccardo, I haven’t applied, but there is this chat from the forum that discusses Cargill, which might help a bit?


Thank you Sarah_7,

I didn’t notice that there was already a discussion about the topic on Wikijob.


Hey Riccardo, no worries - hope it helps :slight_smile: