Cargill 2017 Assessment Centre



Is anyone attending Cargill Upcoming Assessment Centre (AC) next Tuesday (4th July) at their Weybridge office? It will be nice to get in touch or if possible meet up with people who will be attending this AC. Also, has anyone ever attended a Cargill’s AC? if yes please could you share your experience on what was exactly involved on the day? this could be really helpful and beneficial to present and future applicants.

Thank you.



Has anybody heard anything yet? - I know It’s only been just over a day.


Hi, hope you’re ok. By today some people have gotten feedback and some have not. I know a girl who was with us on the day and got an offer but she said she will not accept it coz she got offered a better job in another company. I don’t know about the others but myself, I have not heard anything yet. I contacted them today and they said by the end of this week (Friday maximum), we will all know our status of the AC. what about you? did you hear anything so far?


Hey I’m well thanks, thanks for your reply. Oh right I see. I was made an offer last week Thursday which I have accepted but I am still waiting for the official job offer letter which I am told will receive this week.

Well it seems they have place for another grad but have not yet made their mind up so best of luck!