Careers In An Industry


In today’s job market, it seems almost impossible to get a job unless you have three to five years experience in that industry.

Is this a healthy situation? Surely the principles of accounting dont change and qualified accountants are generally reasonably intelligent and can adapt to new environs.

Is this emphasis on working in an industry in danger of encouraging group think?

I believe that companies miss out on people bringing diverse experience to their businesses and their processes being viewed through ‘fresh eyes’

Do you think that industry experience (at low to middle levels) is crucial and good for companies?


dont think that industry experience is that crucial but you are right in saying companies will only employ you if you have it.

It seems to me that the modern culture is that you are just a temp and that nobody wants to spend any time explaining things to you, even if it is only a couple of things and lets be honest, even new systems aren’t difficult to learn, but if you haven’t used SAP you wont get a job with a firm that uses SAP.

Group think is also a danger cause people just slot into the role and do what they need to do to get by. They dont question things like someone without experience would.


Varied experience used to be valuable in the job market, not anymore. I fear those days have long gone.


I think Seang is right, we are all put into little boxes as early as possible, usually before we have the experience to decide what we want to do, and it is almost impossible to escape at a later date.



I have to totally disagree.

The point here is that as a PQ/NQ you will mostly be looking to gain experience in accountancy in many and varied forms. If as an example you are taken on in the area of management of accounting will that pigeon hole you? The job will expose you to many business areas outside of accountancy, e.g HR, sales and marketing and logistics. It is not a question of little boxes but merely having a central focus and learning about areas of business.
As a PQ the assumption is that you would wish to complete your quals. and gaining a knowledge of business on an all round basis is healthy.
As an NQ it may be that you do not wish to study so you will benefit from learning about other areas of the business as you can then offer help and support to your qualified colleagues. The idea of “boxing” people is far from my experience.
NQ &PQs are invaluable to business as often they can see the practical issues quals, are blind to.