Career path




I am looking for help and advice regarding which step to take next in my working life. I graduated from University about three years ago with a BA degree in Media - I then spent two years working as a support worker in the UK and two summers working as a camp councillor and camp program director at a disability respite camp in the US.

Whilst I feel very accomplished through my experiences, I feel as though I do not have the niche experience to excel in an obvious field of work. I am very unsure as to what opportunities are out there for someone with my background and that has left me unknowing as to the best step to take next in my life.

Any advice would mean so much!




Hi Adam, first off well done on those experiences which sound fantastic. Secondly, don’t panic about being unsure what you do next, many people including myself have been there!

Spend some time thinking about what it is that you really want to do. Not necessarily job wise at that stage, but what is it you enjoy doing. Do you like solving problems, do you like interacting with people? Did you enjoy working as a team. Conversely think about what you really didn’t like.

Now put that alongside your practical experience and your degree. Do you want to go into the media? If so, while it might not be obvious, your experiences working with others as a camp councillor and program director will have given you great experience that is transferable to just about any role.

If not media, do some research. There are plenty of sites describing what different roles do in different industries. Find out what’s out there too and be realistic about where you might need to start.

From just the little you’ve said here you can clearly make things happen. Let me know if I can help further.