Career move to Accounting



Hi there,

First of all thank you for reading. I’m not sure if these forums are more geared towards recent grads, but I’m wondering if someone could help me.

I’m 33 and looking for a change of career as my current role is not really going anywhere and I’d like to have more progression, better pay and to try my hand at something new. I’m currently wondering about moving into accountancy and finance. I’ve been reading about various courses such as AAT, ACA, ACCA and CIMA etc.

I currently work as a project officer for a council in London and am finding the role okay but don’t feel like I’m progressing or being stimulated. There is some degree of budgeting/accounts already that I do, but it’s quite basic. I also arrange payments for my team of consultants and plan various projects, events and support for educational institutions. Recently I moved from London to live in Devon and my employer was keen to keep working with me and so now I work remotely with laptop and arrange all my work over phone with schools (I work in education currently, although I have experience in publishing and social work). There is potentially a small chance my current employer may be interested in financing my study, however I am not sure as I’m no longer in the office as often.

My education is degree level, but not related to business or finance in anyway. (I have a 2.2 arts degree, and an MA Dis in English Lit!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you




Have you checked the pay rates and job availability in your area of Devon? You might find that salaries in accounting don’t match London pay rates for council jobs (and you lose the pension).

One idea is to look at online (free) ACCA courses and see if the subject matter interests you. My thoughts on this are:

  • you have no business/ commercial studies so some time reading and learning would be of value whatever you do

  • the first 3 papers are pretty flexible and allow an exit qualification if you don’t continue

  • you learn something while in a job you are used to. If you hate working and studying together its better to find out before changing jobs.

  • its not wasted knowlege for the first 3-5 papers if you never work in accounting. I’d say most of what you learn would be pretty good in any organisation. You can look through sample papers online, and often but text books cheaply on ebay/ Oxfam if you want to get an idea of what you would be learning.