Career in Tax (CTA) question (Urgent)


Hi guys in a stressful situation,

Offered a CTA training job but I have CA playing on my mind, mainly in terms of future career mobility/diversity.
Just wondering if anyone had any experience in the tax side of things that could share their thoughts?

Or if anyone has an opinion on the CTA qualification? Is it quite restrictive in terms of moving about later on? Would I basicly be stuck in tax forever? (I dont know if that’s a good or bad thing?)

Any help much appreciated guys, I’m totally stressed out just now


Can someone please give some input?
I’m totally stressed out/confused here.

I keep looking at tax vacancies and the majority of them say “you will be a qualified CA/ACCA” etc, very few specifically ask for CTA, but does this mean they wo0uldn’t accept you without CA? Why would that be the case for a tax specialist job?!

Is CTA useless?


Generally if a qualified tax position asks for ACA/CA they will accept CTA

Though you won’t get very far in audit/accounts with CTA I think


isn’t it ACA first then CTA afterwards or am i confused?


no you can do CTA on its own aswell


As I understand it, the CTA would pretty much restrict you to tax. It wouldn’t give you the same flexibility in your future career as, say, the ACA.

I work in tax at a big 4 and I know we take CTA qualified people. So in terms of looking at tax jobs on/after qualification.