Career direction - CONFUSED! Require help & advice


For over 3 years now, I have been quite confused about the path I need to take as my career choice.

Back in 2014-2015, I achieved A-levels in 3 subjects: ICT, Graphic Design and Maths. I would like to point out that among the three, ICT and Graphic Design would be what I consider to most good at.

Also back in 2013 after my first year of college, I was also very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do work experience in a company that provides office supplies; I was there for about a month.

Fast forwarding to 2015 right after finishing college, I got a full-time but temporary job in a warehouse and I decided to do it since I needed some income for myself.

Finally about 3 months ago, I was contacted by an IT company for an apprenticeship interview; thinking that this was my golden chance to get something, I agreed and I went HOWEVER I was extremely aware of the fact that, I was absolutely uncertain about the sector of IT (networking, admin etc) I would want to go to and explore. So when the interviewer asked me that very question, I went blank… let me just leave it at that.


I currently do a part-time job (8 hours/week contract) in a shoe retail store (I feel blessed because atleast I am doing something rather than nothing!).

I don’t plan to go to university. I have looked into apprenticeships for IT (uncertain whether this would be the right path though!)

I enjoy drawing and painting (I am quite capable of drawing still-life and portraits).
I can use computers both Windows and Mac very well and I like Graphic Design as well on a very fundamental level. I do have a YouTube channel where I post random stuff but some are animations that I have created myself.

I have done some extensive research into career plans, CVs etc. So now I ask, am I missing something?


Hi, you sound like you really love Graphic Design and are good at it, both of which are good reasons to think about making that your full-time career :slight_smile: Have you looked into Graphic Design apprenticeships?