career at Big 4


I am going to study at Southampton University, MSc in Accounting and Finance.

I did my bachelor’s in central asian business school, it was not state recognized school though the courses taught by westerners in English and had a better reputation among the population. I did BBA in Finance. Will the Big 4 ask my transcripts and degree certificate from the school? no problems i can provide them. Will that be a negative point(non recognized school by the state)? or they will mainly concentrate on my Master’s studies?

what about other graduate schemes in financial sector? i have a year’s experience in treasury activities of an international commercial bank.

any help, appreciated. thanks



First of all, well done for getting in to So’ton. Friends of mine studied there and had a great time, plus a generally good uni in terms of academics too…

I don’t really know anything about the C.A.B. School. What grade did you get? I think this is something that might affect your application, but only if you hadn’t got the year’s work experience and MsC…

…if I was recruiting and I had to decide between two people with similar grades, one from a well-known institution and one from a place I hadn’t heard of, I’d pick the guy/girl from the established institution. However, the fact that So’ton want you for their MsC prgramme however infers that they think you’re good enough to do an MsC, and after you graduate you’ll actually have an MsC from a ‘recognised’ institution - so yes, with this on your CV I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about. And the work experience is just icing on the cake really. You’ll be fine, you’ll certainly get interviews.

HR at any firm should in theory check degree certificates (from all job applicants) before they offer you a job. Whether they actually do in practice however, depends on how busy HR are and whether they remember to do so… at any rate, you have the certificates so this isn’t a problem…


Big 4 hire people from all over the world so they are competent with understanding your educational history related to other candidates. I think you should be OK. Remember, it’s the strength of your application as a whole that’s important, not just your high school.


thanks a lot red… and chris…, i think i will just finish my MSc at southampton and then apply for grad programmes.

do you know, when i should start applying for grad programmes for 2009 at big 4s?

thanks a ton again,
bloke :slight_smile: