Career advice needed



Can you help me please:
What is the best qualifications and experience to make it to Financial Controller? ACA, CIMA, etc? Experience in Audit, Transactions, Corporate Finance, Planning, Treasury, etc?
Also, which finance roles are better paid in both industry and firms? Treasury, tax, planning, audit, corporate finance, other?



There are lots of routes to become an FC and it also depends on the size of company etc.
Usually however, the vast majority of FCs are accountants and so the most common (and best) qualification to have is the ACA. Audit is a very good starting point, but usually a bit of a variety after that is best. So qualified auditors may then go into industry first - i.e. working second to the CFO within a company. This gives a very good stepping stone to an FC role, as audit doesn’t provide some of the skills you need e.g. management accounting, operations etc.

Treasury and planning are good skills to have and you can leverage them in to an FC role also. Corporate Finance may not be as directly leverage-able but would depend again on the role.

Hope this helps! Good luck.