Career advice - Do you know if this job role exists



I have been thinking a little bit about what career I want to go into and it all stems down to what you are passionate about or enjoy etc.

Recently I helped a very small business start up. I helped create his website, set up his logo and branding, explained about databases and how they help with customer engagement etc. Basically giving him all the tools to help grow and I got to say I did get a kick out of it helping his business become more known.

Anyway I didn’t know if there was a job role for this out there in the world of work. A business coming to a company to say we need a complete change in branding or tech or whatever and seeing that business grow visiting the owner etc.

You may find this to be a silly question but I guess if you don’t ask you will never know!


Hi J

Appreciate this is a late reply but have only just come across your message. Have you considered working for yourself? There are many marketing consultants out there who make a living from freelance work. I don’t think there is a job to match your exact criteria as such (helping start-ups with the foundations and then setting them on their merry way!) but this could be a good niche for you. Generally consultants are on hand for long-term support as and when required, or they are brought in for one-off projects. So you could do this too, but use the Start Up Support as your main USP.

And as you would be starting your own business too, you could use yourself as a case study (for online content). This video shows a guy who started a similar business (albeit your business model would be slightly different).

Good luck!