Capital One Graduate 2016 Scheme - Video Interview


Hi guys, I’m going to submit a one-way video interview via HireVue for Capital One Tech program. Has anyone completed the interview or has got to the next stage? Would really appreciate if you’d share your experience!


Had one a couple of days back. It was about 9 questions with one numerical question which requires an answer and an explanation of the procedure leading to the answer. An understanding of the banking industry is good though not too much. the other questions are similar to the usual behavioral and company related questions. All the best


Hi guys… I’m a bit worried here …
I did my online test like 3weeks ago but they are yet to invite to me to an interview or reject me.

How long after your test did you receive an invite?

Thank you


Was within the a week for me I believe.


Yes a week and couple of days I guess for me as well


How difficult are the numerical tests? Are they provided by SHL?


That’s interesting, I didn’t get a numerical questions though, but the remaining format sounds the same - 9 questions, mainly around why CO, why role, etc.
Good luck with the application, can you keep me posted if you get selected to the AC. Thanks


Yes, standard SHL numerical tests


hi guys, i have a telephone interview with capital one tomorrow. very short notice. i was told i would be asked questions about my understabding of the role, capital one and broad finance questions.

I am more concerned about the finance questions, not sure what they mean by that

can anyone help please


Hi sylica

i was wondering if you applied to their graduate or intern programme?

anway ive been invited to an assessment centre this friday was wondering if you could give any tips or advice pleease .

thank you


hi cap

did you have AC ?

if you did, can you please share any advice
i have an AC for the finance internship programme


Hi funmi, I still haven’t heard back after my video interview. Best of luck for the AC!


Hi could you please tell me the questions that were asked during the video interview ?


the questions were generally competency based questions but streamlined towards applicability in the banking sector. the questions were thus related mainly to banking if i recall


Congrats funmi on your invitation to the assessment day.Did not make it past the video interview personally but an assessment centre i believe is like the final selling ground for you. You will be in competition with other grads for available positions. Its highly probable that you’ll go through a group exercise, presentation and a longer interview. Just be yourself and stand out without asserting yourself too much. And do try to know the ins and outs of capital one and the banking sector esp. their competitors. You should be fine. All the best again


would u happy to share some details about your video interview?


would u happy to share some details about your video interview?


would u happy to share some details about your video interview?


would u happy to share some details about your video interview?


Have you completed your video interview? If so can you provide some in-depth details on the type of questions, level of difficulty etc?