Capital One 2019 Intake


Business analyst


HI! I applied the Graduate Analytics & Consulting Programme and I submitted the digital interview at 1st November. However, I still have not receive any feedback or reply about my application. Does anyone have the same issue like me?


Literally did my one a day after you and no response as well :frowning:


Has anyone got an AC or received some form of communication from CO?


nope still waiting


anyon get through to AC


Nope, you?


I haven’t got a reply from my Video Interview yet


Got a rejections last week so must be sending out invites now ISH


what is the question of interview ?


HI I also applied the graduate analytics and consulting programme, just received VI. Could you mind sharing me some tips ? or what questions includes ?


Applied for business analyst programme and got hit by that mathematical question in the interview :scream:

I ended up finding the right answer by picking random figures but obviously had to write that I could not find the right solution mathematically.

The other question was much simpler as well as the rest of the interview.


Hi guys, ive been invited for the online tests. What were they like please?