Capital One 2019 Intake


Hi guys,
I cant seem to find any recent threads for Capital One, so I decided to make one.
Has anyone completed the Capital One video interview by any chance?


Did it early on in the month. Have you completed it now?


Hi guys,

Completed my online tests roughly a week ago.

Just wondering when you were told whether you had passed or failed and when you were told about the Video Interview



Completed the test on a Saturday. Got the invite for the VI the following Tuesday. What position have you applied for?


Analytics and Consulting

Completed the tests about a week ago but no response.

Gone back to check the email inviting me to take the tests and it says that I should receive feedback once complete but i haven’t received that or anything else since.

I’ve defo completed the tests thouhg because when i go back onto my account it says my application is with the team

When did u guys receive the feedback?


I got the feedback a day after the interview invite. So the timeline between sitting the test and getting interview invite and then the feedback was from one Saturday to the Wendesday in the following week.


I wanted to contact HR but there’s no email on the graduates page. Have you by any chance spoken to a recruiter or anyone from somewhere else that would be knowledgeable about CO’s recruitment timelines?


Nah sorry mate wouldn’t know. I don’t normally contact places because i just wait for them to let me know if i made it through or not. Should be an email address on your initial application email you received?

How was your feedback on the tests?


btw did everyone here apply for nottingham?

it wasnt very clear when i applied. said it was for both london and nottingham but i think london is closed now so not sure if ill be allowed to go for london…


I applied for London


Feedback was just a numerical score out of 10 for the Maths and whether you’re below, average or above average on the different sections of the critical reasoning test.


have you heard anything since the video interview or somehow have an idea of when they’ll get back to people?


Just got my invite for the VI

If anyone has some tips on what sort of Questions come up would be very helpful !


Nah I haven’t heard anything back, Its been about 2 weeks or less


Pretty much competency questions with a few mathematical questions at the end


any motivation Qs like why the role/company?


I remember there being why this role but I dont think there was why this company.


did anyone find the maths question really confusing?

also as theres 2 parts to it, do you think if you get part 1 wrong theyll allow error carried forward in the 2nd part if you use your answer again?


Nothing yet.


5 weeks ago and you? Also what programme did you apply to?