Capital IQ Interview Help


Has anyone taken the telephonic Interview for Capital IQ?
For the position – Client development analyst?
Could you please provide any tips … My interview is tomorrow…

Also any one knows the general Interview process??


HI saz84

be ready to answer why you want to join and why capital iq and not the others. think about how to answer what do we do ??? she asked me this question twice. she spent 7 min with me on the phone and i spent a whole week preparing for it but i passed it and i have been invited to the first round interview.

good luck budy and if you have anything to share please do.


Thanks for the suggestions…
How long did they take to give you a feedback…
By the way… is it a MUST to know an additional European language ?



hi this is anil, can i know wats the process to get a telephone interview for Capital IQ. Please say the details?


hi all, i’m interested in the process for an interview with Capital IQ too. any suggestion and advice is greatly appreciated. thanks


Just came from the first round interview.
1st interview was with Client Service Manager for 30 minutes. Very friendly people around the company and she also was very relaxed and just run through the CV and mostly we were just laughing and talking about competitors. No question about the company itslef.
Then 1 hour test. Q1. Company case study- just summarise. Q2. case study- answer easy questions Q3. Why do u think u r a good fit for the Co and why this role Q4 financial easy- run through balance sheet items to know what is where.
Then second interview followed with a person who used to work at the same position as the applied one. She just explained about the role and asked why would I see myself there.
That is all

Good luck!