CAPITAL IQ - Client development analyst - 1st round interview


Hi everybody

I passed a telephone interview with capital iq for the client development analyst position. I was invited to attend the first round interview and was asked to be ready to :

  • have an interview with the head of recruitment at capital IQ

  • have an interview with a former client development analyst

  • do a general financial test ( This test is to establish my current financial knowledge as well as your written and communicative skills. Both written and multiple choice questions are included).

If any of you knows how i am going to deal with this assessment day please do share with me as i really don’t want to fail it.

I would like mainly to know what are the questions that i may be asked to answer and what do i have to expect from this test ???

Many thanks and good luck to everyone with your job hunting :wink:


Anyone ???


Hi Joker2551!

Congratulations for passing the phone call interview. I’ll have mine tomorrow and I was wondering if you could let me know what were the questions that they asked to you.

I’ve done some research and I found these two websites which could be helpful for you.

Many thanks in advanced for any help that you can provide me.

Good luck with your first round interview and test!


Hi Johis !

Be ready to answer questions like :

How did you hear of us ?

why capital iq ?

why this industry ?

why this position ?

what do you think you’ll do everyday ?

what are the products that we offer ?

who are our clients ?

who are our competitors ?

Is going to be really quick. mine lasted for 7 min. Hope you’ll pass. good luck and let em know how it goes. I will keep you updated with the first round interview.

Thanks buddy !


I just gave an interview today… following are the questions they asked me…

What do you think the position entails?
Why do you want to leave (My Current Employer)?
How did you hear about the opening?
Do you know another languages?
Why have you applied for this role?
Do you know who our competitors are?

Like the previous guy said… the Interview was just 6mins…

Best of luck to everyone…



Hi everyone

second stage everyone lasted for 3 hours !!

30 min interview with the head of recruitment

30 min interview with a potential manager

1h financial test

the interviews are all the same again again why and why !!

the test was divided to 4 questions

first was tell us why you can be a good fit at capital iq

then second an article then i had to manage some questions ! easy

third the same as the second ! easy

4th was little bit difficult about 20 technical questions about finance , if u did finance u will understand.

good luck to everyone and god bless !!



Your help was very useful today! Finger crossed I’ll pass to the next stage and you to the final one!

Would you mind to tell me after your phone call interview how long did it take them to contact you? I guess it was the next day if you had already the interview, because the lady said to me that they were going to contact me next week.

Do you know if there is a last interview for you?

@saz84: Did they mention to you when they were going to contact you?

Good luck with the results!


@Joker2551 -
My thanks to you, Cas your questions really helped me too…
Do you mind telling me if a European Language is a MUST for this position?

@Johis - They told the same as they Told you… A week.

Best of Luck everyone!



Did anyone enquire about the salary of the role at the interview?


they asked about the salary and they said they will comeback to me in 1 week. got an email this morning saying that i was invited to the second stage face to face interview.

good luck to everybody and do not apply just for capital iq but do your best to apply in different places.

good luck !


Nice joker, well done. How long did it take for them to get back to you to tell you that you have been put through?


left their office last Thursday got an answer today. I suggest you big time to apply in different places and don’t count on them calling you or sending you an email. i am playing my cards somewhere else as well so be careful and good luck !



if you want to be their favorite you have to be very good at European languages. i hope you are ! good luck :slight_smile:


Tbh they never once mentioned european languages to me, or even asked me if i spoke any other languages?


I’m afraid I’m out :frowning:

It’s a real shame that it didn’t work out as Capital IQ seem like a really interesting company.

Good luck to everyone!


What stage did you get to Johis?


Phone call interview …


Ahh sorry to hear that man, keep trying elsewhere, wish you the best of luck.


Johis forget about it sorry to hear that. go and keep applying i am sure you’ll get somewhere. these people can’t put you down… you are the best !

Good luck with your future applications :slight_smile:


does any one know what the financial test during the first round interview is about? I read somewhere that you are asked 20 multiple choice Q’s about finance. does anyone have an idea of what the questions are like?

i would appreciate any help.

Good luck to everyone else!!!