Capita. Lead the way Programme, Assessment centre


I have an assessment center for Capita on the 13th of August, would like to know of any others going on either the 8th or 13th and your thoughts on it?

Also there will be an intray exercise, any one know how to tackle those?



Hi shahaab qaisar,

I have an assessment day coming up with Capita for the same lead the way programe. Can you tell me how yours went, please? If you can provide any information, it would be really appreciated. Thanks.



Mine is on the 13th of August i havn`t had it yet. Have you got any details yet?


Nope. Not any more than what I found scouring the internet. Mine’s on the 15th. If you could post anything here after your assessment, that would be awesome. Thanks!


Sure i will do. What location is yours?


hey shahaab. I too have an assessment centre in London on the 13th of August. How did you find out that there is an intray exercise? Have they sent you the pack via email that highlights what we need to prepare?


Hey. I got an information pack however all it says that its a written exercise. Over the phone i remember it being said that it will be an intray exercise. I`ve emailed them to confirm this. Do you have any information for the day?


Nope. Last I heard from them was that I would receive an information pack that tells me what I need to prepare beforehand. It seems as though there is very little information about what the day consists of. Do you know where the role is primarily based?


Your right not much information at all, you will shortly be receiving an info pack where we have to do two tests one personality the other intelligence. It outlines dates, times, location. One group excersise, face to face interview then a written test. But it does not say what this written test is, something that should be stipulated. From my understanding the programme runs on a rotation over the two years of each of the business areas. I think there will be a lot of travelling involved.


Hi everybody, how soon after the telephone interview were you made aware of the outcome?


I did that preparation test last week. I am a bit worried about the written test. Good luck with the assessment day and look forward to meeting you tomorrow.


It took them about 4-5 days to get back to me.


Hi, I’ve got the assessment centre next week. How did it go?


Hi guys, I’ve got the assessment centre tomorrow and was hoping someone could shed some light on it?