Capita Lead the Way Programme 2015



I’ve applied for the 2015 Capita Lead the Way grad scheme and had my telephone interview at the end of April.

Was wondering if anyone had been invited to an assessment centre yet or know if they have begun inviting people to AC’s?


I had my interview in May and was invited to the assessment centre at the end of the interview. I’ve applied for the Finance scheme so it may be different depending on the role you applied for.


Well done on getting to the assessment centre! When is it? :slight_smile:
And yeah maybe it different for the 3 schemes? I’ve applied for the management scheme and was told they would start shortlisting people about a week after my interview but haven’t heard anything yet! Hopefully no news is still good news!


Hi flynn please can you enlighten me in what the telephone interview was i.e the questions asked


Sorry to hijack your thread, but I was hoping someone might be able to help?

I have been invited to the Capita Lead The Way Grad scheme for Leadership in Project Management at the end of July 2015.

The invite says:
"The day will start with us sharing a bit more information aboutCapita and what makes us so successful. Every assessment centre will besponsored by one of our Executive Directors, so you will have an opportunity tomeet and hear from them. We are a large and diverse organisation and it’simportant that you understand the scale of the opportunities we present.

Following that, you will be asked to undertake a series ofassessments where we will be looking at your performance across a number ofcompetencies. The assessments will be in the form of written, face to face andgroup exercises. At the end of every assessment centre, we will review thescores for all of our candidates and make our final decisions in August."

This is my first ever assessment centre and I’d like some advice on what to expect or what each “task” entails.What is actually required in the written assessment? Is it more numerical/verbal testing or is it something more along the lines of this?

The face to face assessment - is that a f2f interview? How big is the interview panel? What kind of questions could I expect? What points should I focus on getting across?

Group exercise - from previous experience this is where I will struggle. What exactly is involved in the group exercise? previous feedback for me was that I backed down too quickly and was too quiet (I was actually just polite and didn’t interrupt whoever was talking and wasn’t overpowering). What kind of task should I expect here? Should I aim to be the most assertive person?

Thanks in advance for any replies.