Capita Lead the way Programme 2014



I have applied for the 2014 Capita Lead the way programme and was wondering if anyone had been invited to the assessment centre yet?

I have called the person who gave me the telephone interview and they said people are finding out now.


Have you been invited Niall?


I guess they are waiting for more people to pass the telephone interview before arranging the ACs.
I have my interview coming up in a couple of weeks, do you mind sharing what questions you got asked?
And GL for the AC :wink:


I got a phone call last week from them saying Ive passed the telephone interview and they have booked me a place in Birmingham AC :slight_smile:

Had my telephone interview at the start of this month. Good luck people!


I got a phone call wednesday last week inviting me to the AC 10th June in London.


Is anyone able to provide any information on the telephone interview? Got mine later today! What types of questions did they ask, are they all competency based?
Well done to all for progress to AC! :slight_smile:


you can basically answer all questions if you study their websites carefully as well as the job description. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Could someone please give a hint of questions you get asked in this interview. I am really keen on this scheme and want to get through to the assessment centre. I don’t find there is enough info on the job description on their website, so would really appreciate if someone could share any other sources they have found. Thank you!!