Capita Hartshead Application Process


Hi everyone,

I’ve been scheduled for a telephone interview with Capita Hartshead. They said it would take no longer than 15 minutes. Has anyone had this kind of interview with them and what sort of questions do they ask?

Your responses will be much appreciated.




i have a phone interview with capita Hartshead too this week :open_mouth:

this is my first phone interview and really scared about it :open_mouth:
any sort of help regarding what sort of questions they ask or the structure of the interview would really be apreciated…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, i have got a phone interview for CH next week, I know it was a year ago but was just wondering what type of questions they ask etc? much thanks :slight_smile:


hi, I have a phone interview next week. Can you share your experience? thanks alot!


Does this company provide visa sponsorship?