Capita Consulting - assessment centre


I have assessment day coming up for Capita as a graduate trainee consultant and was wondering if anyone works there/has been to the assessment centre and has any advice? Thanks for any help!


Hi postboxred,
I too have an assessment coming next week. How did your assessment go?

Cheers in advance!!


Hi vishnuk444,

Sorry, I haven’t had mine yet, it’s in a couple of months, I just wanted to give people time to reply!

How much do you know about it? The only thing I was told was that it included 2 interviews, a case study and a group exercise. Is that what you were told?


Hi postboxred,

Yeah, its the same details given to me. But mine is this week.

I were told that it may last for an hour, but ought to be enjoyable! and not to be worried about.

All the best for you mate…


Hi Vishnuk444,

How did the Capita assessment centre go? Was it really tough?


Hi Postboxred,

The assessment went fine and it is not that hard.
It consisted of two stages.
First one is a group task, where you as a team are asked to finish a task, They are looking for your reasoning and time scheduling ability. Its not hard though.

Second one was an aptitude test : mathematics, english and figures covered in this.

Hope this helps. All the best.

When’s ur assessment?


Thanks for the info! Was that for the graduate trainee role? I was really hoping there wouldn’t be any aptitude tests, were they like the online psychometric tests?

What were the interviews like?

My assessment is 20th June, so I have a bit of time to prepare!


It was for a temp role, but I think the pattern maybe the same.

Think there were some other candidates for a different role to mine and they too had a similar assessment.

Don’t worry too much, just be confident and give ur best shot.

Make use of ur time, and should be easy for ya.