Capgemini v PwC



Just out of curiousity which firm would you pick if given offers for Technology Consulting at both PwC and Capgemini. I have an offer for PwC which I am intending to accept however I have a telephone interview for Capgemini scheduled which I arranged before I got the offer for PwC. Would anyone pick Capgemini over PwC if put in my position?? I’m considering emailing and cancelling the telephone interview but I don’t want to be rude.


I am literally in the same boat right now. but Capgemini are offering 7k more but my heart wants PwC


gutted no one replied to this 5 years later… what did you do in the end?


For technology consulting I’d pick Capgemini, especially with the more money. But I wouldn’t skip over a sure thing like an offer, just for a telephone interview