Capgemini Telephone Interview


Hi Everyone,

I have just joined this forum. I found it really useful. I have just completed my studies and applying for jobs now. I have telephone interview scheduled with Capgemini for Business technology consultant next week. I really wana do it good. Coz my future career path is IT consultancy…And I feel this could be a great opportunity. I was just wondering if anyone has previously applied for Capgemini could guide what sort of interview it is going to be and how should I prepare. Its my first interview. I am really nervous dont knw why…though I shouldnt be…Guys, please if anyone could help me please and guide me how should I prepare and what sort of questions might be asked. I am preparing for competency based questions and doing whole lot of research about the company and the BTC graduate scheme.




Even I have recieved an invitation for telephone interview. To which office have you applied for??


I have applied for london office though.lets see…
good luck to u

i guess its gona be common questions like about company and then competency based questions…


Good luck to u as well…Ya thats true it’s more of a competency based interview… Yesterday I recieved a mail saying that my telephone interview has been postponed till new year and they haven’t given me the exact date… When is ur interview???


really? mine is today though…when was urz?lets c…waitinggggg for 2 o’clock


I had an interview today and nobody called…i kept waiting but no response… i have sent an email to recruitment consultant…lets see
may be they have rescheduled interviews but I expect they should inform…it seems highly unprofessional…giving somebody time and then didnt call them…if we wud have missed their call…they wont even call us back… lets see…


Thats really sad mate… Did u get any reply from them??? Thats truly unprofessional… Once they get back to u please let me know when they have rescheduled it… I might need some tips from u…


sure…once i ll get done wid mine…then i ll post on…lets see…


hi…did u get any new date for ur telephone interview?


hi guys,

i was interested in applyin for the capegemini btc scheme as well? are there any foreign nationals here applyin for the role?
just wanted to know whether they do cosider tier 1 psw work permit applicants.



Hi Thomas,

They do consider PSW applicants provided you prove them that you qualify under any other visa extension like HSMP, Tier 2 Visa…



I’ve got a telephone interview soon coming up with Capgemini…and I’m not quite sure what to expect, what sort of competencies are they looking for? any technical…consulting questions?

If anyone had their interview, I would really appreciate some tips…


Can anyone offer any help for the Capgemini telephone interview?


Can anyone offer any help for the Capgemini telephone interview?


Anyone had an interview for the Management Consulting programme recently?


I was supposed to get a call for the telephone interview for the same programme. Just wanted to ask you have you had your interview or have they contacted you yet? They told me somebody will be in touch to let me know but no one has contacted me yet and the site also does not show any slots. I am a bit concerned.


i had the management consultancy phone interview … i failed, but i think thats because she didnt like me much (my voice was a bit monotone and i was tired), i used the same answers i always use and usually depending if i’ve built rapport with the person i get through.

top tip… sound excited and make sure u have a good answer to why capgemini


oh and a odd one she asked me, when have i implemented change and when has someone implemented that change (not exactly those words but something like it)


any tips for aspire academy programme…plzz


Hi nikki400,

I have got through to the telephone interview stage of the management consultancy position. I have been waitinga number of weeks now and no one has contacted me either. I rang them and they said it is just taking much longer than usual because so many people applies. Also, the deadline only recently closed and so they are sorting out all the applications. So I have been very concerned too but I’m sure they will get in contact eventually.

Cheers for the help OFF THE WALL. Did they ask you anything about trend in the I.T industry? Or did ask you about trends in the management consultancy industry or the future for firms like Capgemini? Any help would be much appreciated.