Capgemini telephone interview


I have got a capgemini telephone interview for the aspire programme. Can anyone share their experience and the type of questions that will be askd?


Hey have you had your interview? how did it go? hope it went well. have you been invited to the assessment?


I have got my telephone interview for Capgemini aspire programme…can anyone help me please? I am expecting competency based questions. but if there are any field related questions…please share your experience…


Has anyone heard back from their telephone interview for the Management Consulting Programme? I had mine about 6 weeks ago and havent received any reply (just that there is a delay)…Thanks


can anyone tell us what kind of questions where asked during the telephone interview

soo we can prepare for it PLEASE


Hey Ronny,

take a look at the other forums on Capgemini here in wikijob. They are extremely helpful. This one in particular:

I had my interview in the beginning of January and all the questions I was asked were in that forum.

Good luck.


thanks PSA050

which role did you apply for I have applied for the aspire graduate program - method and tools role
do you think i will be asked the same questions


Hey Ronny22,

I applied for the Management Consulting Graduate Programme. There should be a discussion on the Aspire programme too on here. However, I believe that they look for the same competencies so the questions would not be much different. Sorry I can’t help more.

Good luck!


thanks PSA050
i hope soo