Capgemini Technology Assessment Centre 2015




I recently passed my telephone interview for Capgemini and have been invited for the Assessment Centre later this month. Has anyone recently been to the AC for the Associate Consultant role? Im super nervous about it as this is my first AC. I have read some of the post on wikijobs but any additional information about the day will be much appreciated.




Good luck on the assessment day. I’ve just completed the SJT and am waiting for the result, hopefully I get through. Would you be able to provide some info as to specifically what type of questions they ask in the phone interview?


Its a pretty relaxed strengths based interview with a consultant. only thing to prepare is your reason for applying… all other questions you should be able to answer without a lot of prep…


So are the strengths they ask about similar to the ones on the website? I was looking at old threads and people have been saying it was a competency based interview, they asked about the company, IT trends, competitors. So I am a bit confused.


I was asked things like “how do you work with a team without taking over”, “How do you deal with the frustration of things not working”, “What is your greatest achievement”, “what are your weaknesses and what are you doing to improve upon them”

This are all questions you !!need!! to have prepared if you are on the job hunt anyway, it is only extra work if you are at the beginning of your job hunt and have not had any interviews yet. I also had a phone interview for Accenture: this was much more difficult, I found the Capgemini one quite easy as they did not ask many questions on what differentiates them from others or to describe some case studies (but then again, I am well along the job-hunt process so have practice talking to people with confidence)… just know that they play well in the tech field and thats what you want


Hey guys, I’ve just applied for the Associate Consultant role for the September intake. Was wondering is the Assessment Centre still the same: Interview, Pre-Prepared case study review, group exercise, verbal test? A lot of the previous threads are really old so I’m wondering if the application process and assessment centre is still the same? Thanks in advance and good luck on your assessment days.


I didnt pass the phone interview, they asked a lot of questions about dealing with clients. I would be careful reading old threads as I think the questions they ask are always changing. Good luck in your application.



Sorry to hear about that, the experience will definitely help you in the future. Could you please provide a list of questions that you were asked?



What questions came up in the tele interview? Its seems they have changed a lot over the years?


Anyone heard the outcome for the AC which was on 25th Feb?


I’ve got the assessment center in a couple of weeks time. Would you mind letting me know what to expect and what to prepare for? Did you have the case study on Variety Food company? Also, have you found out the result of your assessment center? Cheers


Hi, i have a telephone interview for the technology role. I am so nervous, please could someone tell me what kind of questions they asked? i’ve read old threads, but i’m not sure how reliable these are anymore. thanks


hi, i’m wondering this myself. have you found out at all? i’m so nervous about my telephone interview next week!


Hi there, hope your AC went well. I’m wondering if you could give some info on what questions came up for the telephone interview? thank you, it’d be such a big help!


Hi there, Just wondering if you have had the assessment day and if so how was it? What were the most challenging parts? Thanks :slight_smile:



I hope you got on well at your assessment centre! Just wondering what did you find to be the most challenging parts and what would you advise people to revise for the AC? Thanks


Hi Have you had your ac yet? If so do you mind sharing some insights? thxx :slight_smile:



I’m really nervous about the assessment centre. Does anyone know if numerical tests are included in the Technology Consulting assessment (Software Engineering role).




I’m really nervous about the assessment centre. Does anyone know if numerical tests are included in the Technology Consulting assessment (Software Engineering role).



Hi passed the phone interview,

Waiting for an assessment centre date (March 2017 intake)

I applied for an applications consultant

Anyone else? what can I expect? any hints/tips