Capgemini Outsourcing



Has anyone had any feedback in regard to capgemini’s outsourcing programme? Anyone had any interviews? Feedback would be appreciated. Cheers





I cannot help you with outsourcing but I’m thinking it might be a similar process across all the programmes. I applied to consulting, I took the verbal test, and been invited for a telephone interview. But I’m still waiting (for about two weeks now) to be scheduled for the telephone interview. I received an e-mail last week and they told me they’re quite busy but will soon get in touch with me.

which stage are you at? have you been scheduled for a telephone interview already?



I did my telephone interview about 2 weeks ago. I was told that I had got through that and they are waiting for dates to be finalised for the assessment centre. Good luck with your application


well, then it seems they are pretty busy at the time.

If you don’t mind, can you please share your interview experience? did you get the same questions on the capgemini main page here on wiki? any other questions?

Good luck with your AC!


The questions were the same as found on the wiki pages. No surprises.


it’s good to know…if you don’t mind, can you recall exactly the wording of the question about the development cycle?


I actually did’nt get asked that particular question. I know a friend who did the interview last year, he says that he was asked if he could describe the stages of the software development lifecycle. He went for BTC, not sure if management consulting get asked this. However, if you have an IT background it should not be too much of an issue.


Actually I don’t have an IT background and I applied to the Management consulting scheme. This particular question is troubling me a bit, but if you say I migh not get that question then I guess it’s fine


Go to wikipedia and type in SDLC (software development life cycle) or type in waterfall and you should be fine.


Anyone who has done any sort of assessment with capgemini? how were the tests for the BTC or Outsourcing schemes? (i.e. IT verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning)?
Thanks in advance.


Could anyone please kindly shed any light on how the tests were at capgemini’s assessment centre? Cheers


Anyone have any ideas as to what the group exercise is about (i.e. content of case study) at the assessment? thanks for your help



i cleared the telephonic int for outsourcing n waiting for the A/C date which they still have not finalised yet. Does anybody have any idea about the activities for A/C ??


I think it follows the same principle as the BTC programme. i.e. case study, interview, tests, group exercise



has anyone been interviewed for the SMC role AT CAPG? What about outsourcing competency questions on the assessment day?

thanks for your help.