Capgemini Graduate telephone interview 2015




I just found out today that I have a Capgemini grad telephone interview for the CDC programme on the 19th.

That’s not a lot of time to prepare.

I can’t find any up to date information on what kind of interview it will be.

Competency based, strength based, I have no idea.

Please share your thoughts if you have had an interview recently.


Hi TheManOfH

Have you seen this article? It may be useful for you:

Good luck!


Any advice as to how people are preparing for this/their experiences having had one would be much appreciated. Was given very limited info when invited to take interview.



Do you remember the questions they asked you



Do you remember the questions they asked you


Nothing out of the ordinary - why Capgemini, how do you solve problems etc. Only had to answer 5 questions. Best of luck.


This article saved me.

Thanks. Much appreciated.


I have a phone interview for the march intake…

not sure if its competency or strength based?!

anyone else had one?


Hi passed the phone interview,

Waiting for an assessment centre date (March 2017 intake)

I applied for an applications consultant

Anyone else? what can I expect? any hints/tips

please message (direct messsage) as its easier to talk


Please can anyone share their experience with the telephone interview in terms of what type of questions asked? I have been invited for telephone interview and was told the call will last between 10-15mins. I applied for business analyst and applications consultant role. I would appreciate if any can provide tips