Capgemini CDC programme Assessment Centre


Hi, I have a final assessment for Capgemini’s CDC programme on Friday. This will consist of a verbal reasoning test, a group exercise and a one-on-one interview part based on a case study I was given a few days ago and another business scenario. Has anyone else on these forums attended this assessment day? If so is there any advice you could give me?

Many Thanks


Hi there - I had a assessment centre at a strategy consultancy and have been working for them for about 2 and a half years ago and would say…

Group exercise: they are really seeing if you can work collaboratively in a team environment here, to see if you can respect others’ opinions but also make meaningful contributions yourself. My tip would be to have a few minutes where you lead the group for parts of the discussion - this will work to your advantage (leadership, taking the initiative), but make sure you do so in a collaborative / non-autocratic way and build consensus (think it will help if you reach some sort of conclusion at the end of the discussion you lead).

One on one case interview: from my experience, they wanted to see if I could go about solving a problem in a logical coherent way - I think CG would also be looking for grads who are able to approach the same problem from different angles, covering a wide range of potential issues that might arise from the case. Remember, the final ‘answer’ is of lesser importance here, it’s the approach that matters more. Prepare as much as possible (the material itself and lookup case studies on the web, there should be a lot of stuff!), structure your argument and be confident!

BEST OF LUCK (and let us know how it goes!!)


Thanks a lot for that information! regarding the one-to-one interview, is it entirely focused on the case study and further business scenario or do you have to discuss further issues with the partner / competencies & general commercial awareness? also, how have you found working at Capgemini so far? are you on the CDC?

I will be sure to let you know how my day goes!


Glad to be of help!

Wrt the case interview, I’d imagine the questions to be largely based on the case itself where you’d be expected to demonstrate an understanding of business knowledge to go about answering the question, some frameworks to structure your argument, as well as general commercial awareness. The first two things most grads would have prepared for (or know already through uni / education) but the third (commercial awareness) is an area I think you can prepare for more.

For example, if a case interview is based on a particular sector, I’d suggest doing a bit of background research on things like:

  • what are the hot topics in the industry right now and how is it going to affect the problem I’m trying to address?
  • is it a large & stable sector (eg. consumer products) or smaller growing sector (like biotech / technology)? what are the generic challenges that sectors with your sector’s characteristics face?
    I would imagine that with a little prep, you could really demonstrate to the interviewer that you a) you’ve done some extra research and b) potentially arrive at a better informed answer based on your wider knowledge of the sector.

I do not work at CapGemini but interviewed with a lot of strategy consultancies when I was a grad - the things they asked and were looking for were pretty similar to each other and the current consultancy I work for certainly look for the things I’ve mentioned.


JSNott - how did you interview/assessment centre go? Did you get the job?!


Hiya guys,
I am from Paris and i am having this assessment day with Capgemini UK for
the BTC programme.
I Hope everything will be fine, but i am a bit scared because english is
not my first language.
Could somebody advises me on the tests? (Group exercise)
Regarding the Group exercise, what is the topic, the subject?
what is it about? what they ask us to do? what are the tasks?

Many thanks !!!


hi Guys,
i am having capgemini assesment at Capgemini holland, can somebody tell what they mainly emphasis on. i am looking to start as junior consultant in SAP, secondly about aptitude test, is going to quite tough one or normal, i mean test for logical, numerical and abstract reasoning.
any help should be really appreciated.