CAPGEMINI Assessment 7th June 2013!


Hey guys,

Is anyone attending the assessment centre on the 7th of June for the technology graduate programme?

There are 3 parts to it: Verbal reasoning test, group exercise and an interview with case study. Does anyone know if the interview is just a 1-to-1 interview and how long goes it usually last and what type of questions do they ask? Also for the group exercise, how many people are in a group and how long does that last and is it too difficult?

This is my first assessment so I would really appreciate some tips/advice.



Hi jlseelan,

Congrats on getting through to the assessment centre! I’ve also applied for the technology program but have yet to have my telephone interview; is there any information you could you provide and/or guidance on what to expect for this stage?

It seems that there is not much information regarding this years program out there, but I have found a good resource for Capgemini related applications here:

Please bare in mind the information there may be focused more around previous years, but the general aspects of the AC should be similar and some of your questions look to be answered.

Hope that helps!