Capgemini Aspire Assessment Day


I was wandering whether anyone can share their experience of the ASPIRE assessment day? what kind of case study do we have to present and type of group exercises? How to success in these? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks


hey! Have you attended this assessment centre. Wanna share your experience?


Hi Cli624,

it was a short day. very quick wit lunch provided.

In the first task, you r given a case study about a cafe where you have to decide whether they should move etcc… its pretty simple. you have to present this during your interview. Make sure you have correct calculations, and have a plan of presenting it. They will ask questions which you should answer logically.

Then in the interview, basic questions, about why this role, why this company? make sure u understand about the role. and competency questions.

This is where i went wrong. it was a group exercise where u have to work in a team. You have to build a house which is in another room and each of u have 1 min to look at it and give feedback to the team. make sure u say smtg, be assertive and try and have a plan. hope it helps. gd luck


Thanks for sharing this! Very well appreciated. Have you heard back from them?


Hey hi…
i have telephone interview for aspire…can u plz help me…give me an idea what questions to expect…


hey well done!
If yyou still havent had it, this website is very good for preparing for the telephone interview. I would advise preparing for all the questions listed here and you should be fine. :slight_smile:


thnx cli624…so it wud be the general questions same for every technology…i am doin research on company and preparing competency based questions


Hey CLI…how was ur assesment day? I just gave my telephone interview.I screwed up a bit in the apire role. but ended well hopefully.lets see…the lady was a bit straight and now very interactive.she was just asking straight questions and even if i was done with answer she kept asking me would you like to ad more. initially i didnt get it. i thought i have to say until she changes the questions or may be she is not satisfied with the answer that is why she is sayin would you like to add more… but afterwards I realised she is tryint to get more information. I didnt add much later. Dont know…


Hi all, I recieved a call for the telephone interview on Thurs for the aspire program, and got told today that I passed the interview and the assessment day is on 22nd april, Is anyone going on the same one?>


Hey guys

I have a telephone interview for Aspire tomorrow so any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

p-singh and zamzam how were the Aspire question different to the other programmes.

BTW how did you do zamzam.

Congrats on passing through the telephone interview p-singh, hope 2 you see you next Thursday if all goes well.

Thanks guys


how was your telephone interview go?


I guess it went ok considering they want me to attend the assessment centre next week… I was wondering what position have you applied for?


Yh the assessment centre in worthing…i’ve gta do a 400mile round trip…i’ve applied for the application management role


has anyone heard anything from capgemini following the assessment day?


Hey mate

I havent heard anything yet, but I believe Jonathan got it. How about u?


hi…yh sorry about late reply…yh i gt the job for application management role…start 13th september


Hi Everyone,

I have an interview for the Aspire Academy this week and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the day and pass on any tips.

I was told theres an english and math test, is this like intense or basic multiplication, subtraction etc?

Thanks in advance.


Hey a91

I guess it depends on the which role you applied for, but we didnt any english or maths tests.

As far as i can remember, there was a case study, which requires a bit of maths, competencay based questions and a group exercise.

My tip would be, just be yourself, the people are nice and its not that difficult. Be logical and organised about the case study and make sure your numbers add up.

The group exercise is different and fun…


av just got an email saying to come to assessment day

can anyone tell specifically what questions they will ask on the interview and when presenting the case study what kind of question will they ask



I was just wondering how the assessment centre for the Aspire programme is.