Capgemini: Application-to-Offer



Hi all. I’ve recently gone through the Capgemini application process. While I was researching the role and the process, the kinds of posts I found really helpful were people’s experiences. So, here I am! Hopefully this will be of some help to you too.

The first step is to upload your CV. This will be assessed and you’ll then be told whether you’re through to the next stage and, if so, what you’ll be doing. On their website, they say your process can include any combination of

• Telephone interviews
• Face-to-face interviews
• Assessment centre with case studies, group discussions and presentations
• Ability tests

What seems to be most likely is a tradition process of ability tests to phone interview to assessment centre with a face-to-face interview at the end of the day. That’s what I had.

Phone Interview

The phone interview is competency-based. So you’ll be asked, for example, for examples of times when exhibited leadership, or overcame adversity, or worked to a very tight deadline. You might also be asked about the industry in general, Capgemini as a company and current affairs. So as well as preparing your CV and what you have to say about it, so your research too.

The interview lasted around 45 minutes and I heard back after just a couple of days.

Assessment Centre

Everyone’s favourite bit! The next stage was the assessment centre. This took up one day, and began with psychometric tests including numerical, logical and verbal. Be sure to get plenty of practice in for these tests, as they’re quite difficult and you’re on a strict time limit – usually about a question a minute. There are plenty of practice materials – you’ll need to be fast and accurate at analysing written and numerical data, as well as analysing patterns.

Then there was a short break for lunch and for meeting current graduate employees. This was a great moment to relax a bit and get to know the company a bit better.

After lunch, we were split into groups for the group exercise. Nothing unusual here – it was essentially a team meeting revolving around a fictional case study. As a group, we needed to analyse it and come up with a recommendation to talk through with the ‘client’.

Then was a face-to-face interview with a manager. Before the assessment day, you’re given a case study to prepare, and this is where you present it. Similarly to the group exercise, you’re looking to analyse the pros and cons of the business situation and to then make a recommendation to the manager interviewing you. They’ll ask you some tough questions on the data and how you came to your conclusions, so be thorough.

After the case study, you’ll stay in the same place and continue on with the interview. They’ll ask similar questions to the phone interview as it’s competency-based, but they’ll be looking for a bit more. Make some notes after your phone interview and note where you gave some weaker answers and make sure you work on those. They won’t let you off easy – it’s a bit of a grilling. But as long as you have some solid examples to back up your strengths and those strengths are good for the role, you should be in with a fighting chance.

You might have another interview afterwards, but I didn’t. In any case, you’ll know well in advance what you’ve got coming up.

After the assessment centre, I heard back within a couple of weeks. Good luck! If any of you have any questions or stories of your own, please share them below


Hi, is it needed to submit a cover letter with the application?