Capgemini AC - 2014



Hello Friends

Has anyone attended Capgemini AC in 2013 or Jan/Feb 2014. I have an AC in March for Technology Graduate Programme and would be very thankful if you share your experiences.

Thanks very much.


Yes, I attended one last week (and still waiting for feedback).

There was about 9 of us there and the day consisted of a paper based verbal reasoning test, a group assessment, a presentation on a case study (which will be emailed to you about a week in advance) and a one to one interview. - not in that order.

It was on a rotational basis, so the first three people were taken away by individual managers to do their presentation and one to one interview which lasted about an hour while the rest of us did the verbal reasoning test.

Afterwards, another 3 people did their case study and interview while the remaining people did the group assessment.

12.30pm-1pm - lunch

Then the rest of the people did any of the tasks they had yet to do.

If you haven’t done so already, practice some verbal reasoning tests so you can get the hang of it. On this occasion, it was 32 questions to be done within 18mins.

Re: the group assessment

A 15 page (I think) document will be given to do you to read within about 10mins. You need to go through the document and pick out what you think might be appropriate for the tasks you are asked to do (such as things relating to business strategy and IT). You are then given 30mins to discuss the matter at hand with the rest of the group. My advice would be: make sure you say something, because if you just sit there saying nothing, you will not have a chance. If anyone says anything useful, say something along the lines of “that’s a good idea” - since they want to see you working as part of the team, try and involve other people in the discussion, saying something like “what do you think Bob?”

Don’t worry too much about the case study, just do your research and present it appropriately. You will probably also be required to leave them a document outlining the things that you discussed. The person who interviewed me suggested that we do a role play (regarding the case study), which was quite good. They also helped me feel at ease.

My final words to you would be: be confident, RELAX and good luck!

I will leave it at that for now since I feel that my reply to you was kind of all over the place and I just got home from work so - tired and hungry! But If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.


Dear Isis33

Thanks very much for taking time to give me a detailed reply. It is very informative.

I am expecting to receive the case study by 10th of March. In the meanwhile, I will concentrate on verbal reasoning and 1:1 Interview.

With regard to interview questions, I have gone through the forums.

  1. Could you please tell me the interview questions that they have asked you in your AC?

And also, I am trying to find answer to

  1. IT MARKET TODAY ? Do you think it would be regarding Cloud and SAP Could technology and SAP HANA?

  2. For the Question on FUTURE OF CAPGEMINI, do we need to give the financial information like Revenue, Profits, etc figures and percentages. If not, what could be the answer.

  3. Did they repeat any questions that they have already asked in your telephonic interview. If so, do you think we can give same examples for competency based questions.

Group assessment: 15 page document to read in 10 minutes is very difficult. I will try to practice that if I get any case studies.

You have given much useful information on AC. Sorry to bother you again with so many questions. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST with your AC result and looking forward to hear from you.




Would anybody be able to give some guidance on the telephone interview questions before the assessment centre? I have one coming up in a few weeks and would really appreciate some help :slight_smile: